How-to Guide for Gardening – The Basics for Beginners

The goodness of gardening constantly attracts new followers. The sight of a lively backyard garden on a beautiful spring morning can be breathtaking! Does the sound of your own little garden excite yet intimidate you? Do you want to get started on gardening but don’t know where to start? If figuring out gardening basics is giving you nightmares, here are a few tips to help you begin your adventures with greenery.

5 Important Gardening Tips

  1. Location:

    Gardening Guide

    As with most things, location is of prime importance. Where do you plan to start your very own garden? Is it your backyard, your front yard for all to see, or a bigger plot of land? If space is a constraint, you can even begin a container garden. Container gardens are easy to plan and maintain and require less space. Zero in on what kind of garden you want to start and fix your location.

  2. Know Your Soil:

    It is important to study the soil that you will be starting your mini-journey on. There are many kits available that will help you determine what kind of soil you have and which nutrients it is rich in. The two most important factors to judge include fertility and texture. This step is important because it will help you decide what you will plant.

  3. Choosing Plants:

    The variety to choose from is endless and can leave you confused! Do you want only flowers or is it a vegetable garden that you are looking to start? If this is your first time, pick plants that do not require too much attention. Most importantly, pick vegetables and fruits that you and your family enjoy eating. Nothing can serve as better motivation than picking vegetables from your own backyard and cooking them for supper! But ensure that the plants you pick suit the soil type of your land.

    For example, the Globe Thistle is a great option if your soil is dry. It will appear to be in bloom all year round and is easy maintenance.

    The Sea Thrift is another great option for spring gardening. Attractive but tough, these plants will grow even on rocky soil.

    Roses, of course, are a favorite and ubiquitous in most households, so you can also consider starting your own rose garden.

  4. Spring Gardening Tips & Guidelines
  5. Garden Tools:

    There are a plethora of tools available for beginners as well as experts. Before your enthusiasm gets the better of you and you go all out and pick up everything the store owner convinces you are a must-have for your garden, take some time to actually gauge what you really need. Start with the basic few till you are familiar with what the tools can really do for you and then decide on the ones you really need.

  6. Sun, Water, and Lots of Care:

    These are the three pillars for any and every kind of plant you choose to add to your garden. Make sure that once you plant seeds, you chart out a plan that takes into account how much sunlight and water they need. It is, therefore, important to ensure that the location of your garden gets enough of sunlight. Maintenance is key once you have started your garden. Spend time with your plants, understand their seasonal rhythms and soon, you will know which ones you want to continue with and which new ones you are ready to bring into your garden family!

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