How-To Guide for College Prep

The college application and preparation process can be hectic, and it might become easy to feel overwhelmed. However, it is important to inform yourself about this process so that you can help support your child as they embark upon this new journey. Use these following tips as your guide to a smooth college application process:

  1. Prepare Your Resume:

    It is crucial for your child to create a resume filled with all of the accomplishments they have achieved throughout their high school career. This must include your child’s grade point average, list of classes, list of advanced tests, and even a list of school activities. College applications will ask for this type of information, so having all of these facts organized on one sheet of paper can make applications easier.

  2. Ask For Letters of Recommendation:

    Many schools will require students to send in teacher letters of recommendation. Because many students will be asking for these letters as well, it is imperative for your child to ask their favorite teachers for letters of recommendation early. Advise your child to include their completed resume, college-specific guidelines for the letter, and perhaps a small gift to show their appreciation.

  3. Begin Your Essays Early:

    College applications call for personal statements. These personal statements are also referred to as essays, and most every college application requires one or more. The writing process might take time, so make sure to encourage your child to begin their essays sooner rather than later. Make sure to encourage proofreading, and you can even help your child refine their essays by reading through them yourself.

  4. Start Your Applications Early:

    Although applications might seem relatively simple, it is important to not underestimate the type of detail they require. Because this process is new to your child, it will take some time to complete all of the application components. Furthermore, your child may have multiple questions, so make sure they leave time to ask their teachers and counselors the questions they have.

One of the key facts your child must remember is to not procrastinate in their college application preparation. It is important for them to schedule their time effectively so that their college applications do not suffer.

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