How to Go Christmas Caroling

There is no better way to spread the joy of Christmas and seasonal cheers than good old-fashion Christmas Caroling. Christmas is the time of year that brings a sense of unity to families and the community. With the festivity going around town during the winter season, it is also a great way to keep the kids aware of traditions without forcing it down their throats. Your little ones can get together with a few close friends, dress up in cozy and warm outfits, and enjoy the great winter outdoors.

Christmas Caroling Tips

Here are a few tips for our Christmas caroling go-ers this year!

"Carol Singing" by Herry Lawford is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Great Christmas carol tips for all!

Dress for the weather – While fashion might be on the top of your or your teenager’s agenda, it is important to dress for the chilly weather outside. Caroling can go on for long hours. Therefore, to prevent from catching cold that can potentially ruin the holidays, you must insist that your kids dress according to the weather. This is not to say that their attire should be completely unappealing. Quite the contrary! They can follow the winter trends   to play dress up, so that they can have fun and look chic for this Christmas.

Light up – It is winter time and it is bound to get dark earlier than the summer months. With snow, blizzards, and other cold weather conditions in full gear during Christmas time, it is essential to carry flashlights or other emergency equipment to help kids navigate their way from one house to the other without stumbling, falling, or hurting themselves in the process. Arm them with lightweight flashlights before they head out to spread the joyous festivity. Make sure to check that the batteries run fine before sending your kids off.

Fun Christmas songs – So your little one is big on singing and wants to show off her vocal skills by singing a difficult and not-so popular carol? We recommend traditional and more well-known songs instead. This is the time of year to spread cheers and love for the winter season, therefore, it is important to take into account that songs that are too unique may not be too easy on the ear for their audience. Also, it is important that the carol singers meet beforehand to choose and organize a list of songs so that they can have an extremely fun night out.

Location – When it comes to deciding where to go caroling, the first place that comes to mind is the local neighborhood. While it is indeed a good choice, you have other options, such as an elderly home, an orphanage, or even a hospital. Make sure to check with the establishments before heading over.

Treating the carol singers – From choosing the songs, to planning a route, to rehearsing the songs, to actually going out in the cold to sing, Christmas caroling does take up a lot of time and effort. By the time the kids are back, they are bound to be tired. Why not plan a surprise Christmas party for them to help lift the spirits of the cheer-givers themselves? Small treats like eggnogs , cookies, cakes, and other such yummy snacks should do the trick.

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