How to Get Your Child to Try New Foods

How do I get my child to eat nourishing food, such as fruits and vegetables instead of junk food, such as cookies and chips? Can vitamin supplements replace nutrients that are generally consumed in food, allowing my child to eat all that he or she desires?

If you are constantly bothered by these questions, you may have a picky eater in your family. The behavior is a normal part of growing up. However, an unbalanced diet may hinder your child’s development severely.

How to Get Your Child to Try Out New Foods
Being a picky eater is a normal part of growing up.

The good news is, we can help your child transition into a healthy eater with a few simple strategies. Here are some tips to get your child to try new and nourishing food:

  • Be a culinary role model
    Set a good example for your child by adopting a diet similar to his or hers. Children learn a lot of their behaviors through imitating their parents and peers. If they see you dining off junk food such as hamburgers and fries, it is very difficult for them to embrace a different diet from yours. Therefore, the best way to encourage your child to experiment with new food is to make sure you are all on the same page. You should try to eat the food first, and then allow your child to graze off your plate to demonstrate that the food is safe to consume, which may prompt them to try the food themselves.
  • Get them involved in the process
    Involving kids in the process of preparing meals is the first step to moving them out of their culinary comfort zone while learning about the nutrition facts. Child rearing experts believe that children are more likely to polish off their plate if they know what is going into their meal. Try having your older kids help out in the kitchen with chopping and weeding or caring for the vegetation in the garden. Younger kids can do simple chores such as picking leaves off herbs or washing the vegetation in the sink. Children who invest time and effort in growing fresh fruits and vegetables are more likely to eat them than those who do not know where the food comes from.

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