How to Get Kids to Stop Wasting Food

We all somehow commit some sort of lavish behavior, whether it is because we disliked the dish we ordered from a restaurant, or because we forgot about the leftovers we brought home, most of us end up wasting some food every day. Did you know that Americans throw out a quarter of the food we grow? The number is staggering, and it leaves us pondering over a solution to the problem.

Child Eating and Not Wasting Food

The Importance of Frugality in All Areas of Life

People often overlook the importance of frugality in all aspects of life, not just for financial growth. Start with these top 3 ways to prevent kids from wasting food:

  1. Penalty Charges – This might sound silly but it works every time, provided you are very strict about it. It not only forces late comers to arrive on time, it also helps with encouraging people to ration their portions wisely. For example, you can take away 50 cents from your kid’s allowance every time he or she wastes food. To add more incentives to this approach, pay them 10 cents every time they eat everything on their plates.
  2. Portion Control – One of the best ways to stop kids from wasting food is to monitor their portion sizes. Start by having your kids take a portion that is generally less than what they think they can eat in one go. They can always ask for seconds or thirds, but this method prevents the kids from overflowing their plates.
  3. Pay Attention – Be mindful of what your child regularly avoids eating. For example, if your kid dislikes the usual ‘healthy green stuff’, try finding an alternative. You can also try to find ways to help your child try new foods but for the purpose of teaching good table manners, try substituting the necessary nutrition and fibers with something similar, like fruits.

It is also crucial to teach your kids that the morality that they are very fortunate, because they live in a society and family that are able to provide a surplus of food and resources. Many children in the world do not even have clean water to consume. And from now on, they should act responsibly and cherish the things they have.

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