How to Encourage Your Child to Excel in Her Favorite School Subject

When it comes to choosing a favorite subject, most children have their preferences ready on the tip of their tongue. The ones with a scientific bent of mind can’t seem to get enough of life sciences and earth sciences while the literary types don’t bat an eyelid before declaring English as their favorite subject. Then there are some others who take to math like a duck takes to water.

How to Encourage Your Child to Excel in Her Favorite School Subject
Get to Know Her Favorite School Subject

Steps to Help Succeed in School

If your child is old enough to make up her mind, she should have a favorite among her school subjects too. However, if she doesn’t know which subject she likes best, you can analyze and nudge her in the right direction, leaving the final decision to her. Once she is confident about which subject she enjoys the most, it is time to take that liking to the next level – excelling in it.

Here is how to help your kid excel in the subject of her choice:

  • Engage With Her – Whether your child’s favorite subject is also your favorite or not, whether you excel in that subject or you don’t, try to engage with her when she is reading/practicing it. Knowing that she has someone to fall back on is a reassurance that can help her gain the confidence required to succeed.
  • Talk to the Teacher – Talk to your child’s teacher to know the curriculum in advance (this helps you prepare yourself as well as get the required school supplies), monitor her progress, etc.
  • Help Make Transitions Easy – Your child might love 1st grade science but things are likely to get complicated in the progressive grades. Help her make that transition easily by being prepared for it. Get books or other study support material in advance. You can also get her a range of different fun worksheets  and activities  to help her develop her interest in the subject and to succeed in school.
  • Be Supportive – The fact that math happens to be her favorite subject is no assurance that she will always succeed in the subject. Brace yourself for the long line of mistakes she is very likely to make. We all make mistakes. Didn’t you? It is natural for anyone to suffer loss of confidence in the face of setbacks. Stay positive and know that with genuine support, she will overcome this phase and emerge stronger.
  • Do NOT Question – Do you think your child has no aptitude for science even though she seems to like it a lot? While your concern might be well meaning, do not voice it. Your child knows something about her relationship with her favorite subject that you don’t. Have faith.
  • Do NOT Compare – We all know different people have different aptitudes and yet, we fall into the trap of comparing siblings, best friends and other kids of the same age. Stop it before it becomes a major concern. Your child is developing unique talents and abilities at her own pace. There is no need for her to be like an older sibling or a classmate. She might later stun you with some other talent that the others do not possess.

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