How to Decorate Your Home for Spring

With the cold winter days behind us and nature finally springing back to life, this time of year is often accepted as a time of rebirth and new beginnings. It is, therefore, the perfect time to get into the spirit of things and redecorate your home! Do away with any reminders of the cold and let your house reflect the bright sunshine and blooming flowers common of spring.

Spring Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Here are some simple ways you can decorate your home for spring:

Spring Decorating Ideas for Your Home
Use flowers to give your home the Spring look
  • Goodbye to winter: Before you start bringing in new décor for spring, make sure to do away with all the changes that were made for winter. Put your winter jackets and boots away and replace them with swimwear and summer clothes. Roll up the winter rugs, and take down snowflakes or other seasonal decorations.
  • Colors: Unlike winter, spring is commonly associated with bright and vibrant colors. Therefore, you can easily bring the spirit of spring into your home with bright and colourful hues in your table linens, cushion covers, lamp shades, picture frames or other seasonal decorations.
  • Flowers: Whether in a vase as a centrepiece or as paper cut-outs hanging from the ceiling, flowers are a timeless symbol of the season of new life. Floral wreaths, linen and wallpaper are a few great ways of bringing flowers into your home décor for spring. You can also try your hand at making pretty flower crafts like these tissue paper flowers.
  • Butterfly motifs: With blooming flowers come flitting butterflies. These colourful little creatures are a popular theme for spring decorations. Butterfly cut-outs and decorations can be found or created in any color, and can be paired with flowers or used as an independent decoration.
  • The Garden Theme: Garden items commonly found outdoors can easily be brought indoors for a warm and fresh spring feel. For example, tree branches can be decorated with paper blossoms for a long-lasting spring decoration. Potted plants, ladybugs, birds, and even bird nests are all examples of garden themed spring decorations that will brighten up your home.
  • The Easter Theme: Celebrated at the start of spring each year, Easter comes with the common theme of rebirth. In most households, Easter symbols are a big part of the spring decorations. Bunnies and eggs are very popular decoration items at spring-time and come in many different forms. Colored eggs are perhaps the most common, but for the more adventurous, there are plenty of fun egg decorating ideas. The Humpty Dumpty family craft combines the symbols of the egg and the bunny for an unusual spring decoration. Eggs decorated with silk ties and lace look very chic when artfully placed in bird nests or egg holders. Chicks are also a popular Easter-spring decoration.

No matter how you choose to decorate your home for this season, don’t let the results be watered down by clutter and dust. Make sure to spend some time in spring cleaning and your spring decorations will look as fresh and new as the greenery outside. You can also go the extra mile and use some of these spring-inspired table settings and host the most memorable get-togethers this season!

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