Hot Cocoa Competition: Best Homemade Hot Chocolate

If the snow or cold weather is keeping you indoors, then there is no better time than right now to arrange a hot cocoa competition to warm things up at home! Read on to find a few easy tips for organizing or participating in these types of fun and friendly competitions as a means of making this popular winter drink a true gourmet fantasy!

How to Organize a Hot Cocoa Competition

Arrange the competition on a day when everybody is warmly snuggled up at home. Invite a few friends over as special guests or even as participants at the event.

Hot Cocoa Competition "Hot chocolate... with Fluff!" by uzi978 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Lay down the rules of the hot chocolate competition in simple words. Make sure participants add their individual twists and tweaks to their hot chocolate recipe to give it an edge over other common recipes and bring some variety to the playing field.

Supply the participants with the basic requirements like hot chocolate mug, spoon, milk, cocoa powder, hot water, sugar, and vanilla extract. Lay out the special ingredients on a tray and let the participants choose their favorites from the array. The special ingredients can range from marshmallows to cinnamon powder or even something spicy like cayenne pepper for an added kick.

Hot Cocoa Competition "Hot chocolate, Costa Coffee" by Paul Wilkinson is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Decide the winner solely on merit and taste. Remember not to make your judgments based off your feelings toward the participants and vote Dad the winner because he’s always sweet with you and ignore Mom because she’s the strict disciplinarian at home!

Remember, the sole objective of the hot chocolate competition is to beat the cold and have fun with family. So, make the most of the snowfall outside and indulge in some creamy mouthwatering hot chocolates to gulp down with homemade cookies!

Tips to Make DIY Delicious Creamy Hot Chocolates at Home

Hot Chocolate Competition "Yumm - hot chocolate on a winter's day" by macinate is licensed under CC BY 2.0
  • Bring a twist to your hot chocolate by adding any one of these flavors – peppermint, marshmallows, whipped cream, or shaved chocolate pieces.
  • Add condensed milk for a creamier and delightfully sweet texture.
  • Top your hot cocoa with drizzled chocolate syrup.
  • Warm the cocoa powder with coconut oil before adding milk to it to make it richer and fuller.

There are dozens of more ideas to make rich, hot chocolate on a winter night. Feel free to add your favorite ingredient to the mix to win the homely hot chocolate competition by popular majority!


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