Homeschooling is another approach to educating your children without being in the classroom. Both, in school and homeschooling have a lot of advantages that parents throw back and forth with each other. In particular, since homeschooling has a more hands-on approach, it can prove beneficial for both parent and child.

Benefits of Homeschooling:

Some of the top benefits of homeschooling are:

  1. The parent controlling what and when their children learn.
  2. The ability to focus and take more time on particular areas that your child is struggling in.
  3. Quickly cover areas that your child picked up fast.
  4. Creating a customized learning schedule that is specific for your child.
  5. Giving your child the specific attention they need.
  6. Work around your schedule as well as that of your child’s.
  7. The parent gets the power to instill core values and morals that might be lost in school.
  8. Protection from bullying or hateful comments/words.
  9. Allowance of taking vacations during the school year and have them learn on trips.
  10. Creation of stronger family bonds.

All of these points create a great basis for starting your children on the path to homeschooling. It can benefit the parent and child in so many different ways that school cannot. While, vice versa, school also provides a lot of benefits that homeschooling cannot. Teaching your children at home is also a huge commitment, time-wise and responsibility-wise. Considering homeschooling is a big responsibility and not a decision that should be taken lightly.

The next big question, where does one start if they want to do homeschooling? Doing a little research can go a long way. By just going online and searching ‘Homeschooling’ you can find tons of websites that offer the correct information. There are curriculums, books, and different courses that you must follow. They are all grade specific and are similar to school curriculums, so your child is never behind.

For the parents, there are great tools and assets available at their fingertips as well as country-wide events that will give them more information. In just about every state, there are different types of homeschooling conventions, where you can meet other homeschoolers, teachers, and educators to learn new and better approaches to concepts, how to balance at-home life with school, and give you the support you need. There are also tons of homeschooling groups and associations. Find a local one and join in on a strong network that will support, assist and help teach you.

Be sure to check out all your options and utilize all the resources available.

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