Have a Healthy BBQ Season – 5 Easy Tips and Tricks

Summer and barbecues seem to go together like pancakes and syrup. Plus, the warm weather practically begs you to get out of the stuffy kitchen and put some simple and easy barbeque tips to the test. With some health-conscious folks wary of over indulging in their favorite barbecued goodies, you might want to start looking for easy tips and healthy option to help kick off the official start of the barbeque seasons. Remember that you do not have to quit eating healthy when it comes to grilling food at your next outdoor event. Here are some of our easy tips for keeping your next barbeque healthy and delicious.

5 Healthy and Easy Tips for BBQ Season

  1. Easy tips for Marinading

    Research has shown that marinating meats and vegetables before grilling them cuts the risk of ingesting carcinogens by more than 50%. This is an essential tip to creating healthy and delicious barbeque based meals. Before grilling and beginning the barbequing process, start off with marinating your gripping items with a combination of lemon juice or vinegar and your favorite herbs. As an easy tip for marinating, place your meat or veggies inside a resealable bag to pour the marinade over it. Helpful and easy tips like these will allow you to seal the bag, so as to keep out any excess air to properly store it in the refrigerator until you are ready to grill it.

  2. Partially Pre-cook your Foods

    As another one of our easy tips for barbequing, know that you can partially pre-cook the meat in the microwave or on the stove before grilling. Just remember to transfer it immediately to the pre-heated grill to complete the cooking time. This helpful tip helps to reduce the amount of time the meat is exposed to the high heat of the grill. It also has the added benefit of reducing grilling time on the bay of your barbeque.

  3. Avoid Charring Foods on the Grill

    Studies suggest that consuming grilled meats in moderation will not pose a problem if the meat is cooked at a safe temperature. Avoid charring food at your next barbeque with these helpful grilling tips. Start by removing any visible fat or partially precooking the meat to release the juices that might drip on the coals and cause a flare-up. Make sure you move the coals on the side of the barbeque grill and place the food in the center to prevent charring. Additionally, if there are any overly charred pieces, try to cut those portions from the meal.

  4. Throw in some Marinated Vegetables when Grilling Meat

    Try grilling a few veggies at your next barbeque. Vegetables are a healthy choice when it comes to barbeques and somehow always manage to taste better. As a helpful barbecuing tip, before grilling, try to marinate the veggies at least an hour before grilling so that they are able to carmalize and bring out the best flavors in your barbequed foods. As a helpful tip for when you don’t have the luxury of time at your next barbeque, you can simply sprinkle a little olive oil over, salt and pepper on them before grilling.

  5. Keep Your Next Barbeque Fire Low and Slow

    As another top tip for your next barbeque, know that you can reduce the amount of carcinogens by grilling your meats and veggies on a low flame. This will slow down the cooking process but keep burning and charring to a minimum. If you are using a charcoal grill, keep the meat and the coals as far away from each other as possible (within reason, of course). You can do this by propping the grill on a stand of bricks or spreading the coals thin.

As you can see, it’s possible to make (and enjoy) a guilt-free barbequed meal. Stick to these easy grilling tips as a means of making the healthy choice when it comes to barbequing. After all, healthy eating can still be delicious and tons of fun.

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