Hanukkah Table Settings

A traditional Hanukkah table can be set in the most exquisite way with the right blend of colors, traditional Hanukkah symbols, and delicious delicacies fried to perfection! Let your creativity loose so that you can share your Hanukkah meals in the most gorgeous way, with our easy Hanukkah table setting tips!

Hanukkah table settings

Colors on the Hanukkah Table

A Hanukkah table is best set with a combination of cream and blue, beautifully twirled around each other. It’s time to take out your traditional blue glassware and set them on the table. Make sure you blend the blue hues perfectly with other colors that complement each other. That way, your table is not screaming blue! Blend different shades of blue belonging to the same family – cobalt, navy, cornflower, teal, and royal with cream, gold, and white. Choose cream table mats and napkins with little sprinklings of either blue or lustrous gold in the form of embroidery or decorative patterns to blend with the rest of the colors on your table. Place gold-rimmed goblets or porcelain salad plates over dinner plates to add a little more depth to the entire Hanukkah look.

Decorations on the Hanukkah Table

Decorative menorah

Arrange eight decorative candelabras as a stand in for an ornate menorah on the Hanukkah dinner table. If you happen to have a menorah at home, prep it up to stand tall and proud on the center of the Hanukkah dinner table! Vary the table accessories in height. Place a small glass cake pedestal to hold the Shamash. Dress up the table with random sprinklings of gelts to add more luster to the setup. As a beautiful alternative to a menorah altogether, consider placing an ornamental centerpiece on your table and hang pairs of neatly wrapped golden dreidels and gelts from it!

Easy Tips to Do up Your Hanukkah Table

  • Wrap Hanukkah gelts in clear treat bags. Tie them closed with cobalt blue ribbons and place each set next to the dinner plates.
  • Cut out cardboard stars and double them as wax catchers as well as ornaments on candle sticks.
  • Embellish the stars with glitters and blue paints to make them look like David’s Star. You can also glue the edges of the stars and smear glitter on them and write each guest’s name in the center to add a personalized touch.
  • Leave small party favors in sheer fabric bags, tied impeccably with golden strings, next to each spot on the dinner table.
  • Wrap you dinner napkins with Hanukkah charms made from blue beads and metal stars.

Don’t be afraid to get creative! With these easy tips and ideas, you can leave a lasting impression on your holiday guests, this Hanukkah.

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