Halloween Crafts

Depending on your child’s age and learning abilities, crafts can be an amazing and helpful educational tool. For young learners, the interactive and often tactile quality of crafts can even help support the development of essential hand-eye coordination  skills. For older kids, crafts can be an inviting and accessible means of learning about new topics, like historical moments and holidays.

For this Halloween season, help your kids get into the festive spirit gathering the family for a holiday crafting session. If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few popular Halloween craft ideas that everyone will love!

Pasta Skeletons: Use a piece of black paper or cardboard as your canvas. Since pasta comes in all shapes and sizes, kids can use different pieces to put together a unique piece of artworks that mimics a skeleton structure. Simply layout glue, paper, and different types of dry pasta, and let the kids use their imagination to create the spookiest designs. The texture of the pasta against the plain paper will create a visually stunning craft that can help set the Halloween spirit in your home.

Monster Masks: Have your kids conquer the fear of menacing monsters by turning them into monsters as well! Masks can be made out of a variety of materials, but for a quick and hassle-free project, use paper as the foundation of the craft. Start out by creating a base from a firm yet pliable paper plate. Punch two holes on each opposite side of the plate and tie an elastic string through the holes to create a fastening that fits snugly around your child’s head. Cut out two holes for the eyes, and then begin decorating the mask with your preferred craft supplies.

Spooky Lanterns: To create frighteningly fun seasonal lanterns for your home, all you’ll need is some craft paint, paintbrushes, sponges, and glass jars. Start saving glass food jars now so you have enough jars for Halloween. Peel the labels off of the jars, and clean the containers to prep it for a fun Halloween craft that can also be used as a household holiday décor. Lightly paint or sponge on craft paint to the interior of your jars to give them a worn or distressed effect. For more elaborate and apparent designs, consider painting spooky designs directly onto the glass. Any textures and designs will be illuminated once you insert an appropriate light inside the glass container.

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