Halloween Costume Ideas for the Family

When the kids are young and not quite at that stage where they are ready to start picking out costumes for themselves or if you are simply looking for a quick and easy Halloween solution that has everyone covered, sometimes the best plan of attack is to plan for family costume ideas that are centered on a single theme. Family costumes allow each family member to play a role in a larger group costume idea.

Halloween Costume Ideas for the Family

Get Creative with Halloween Costume Ideas

From your favorite sports team to the cast of characters from your family’s favorite film, group costume ideas comes in all shapes, sizes, and are only limited by how creative you and your kids are willing to get with it. Here are a few popular themes for family costume ideas that you might consider this Halloween –

  • Superheroes – Let everyone in the family choose their favorite superhero and, on Halloween, team up for an adventure filled night of terrifyingly fun tricks and treats. Comic book heroes like The Avengers, The Fantastic 4, Batman and Robin or any of the like can work for your next Halloween bash, depending on how many characters you need to make sure each family member has a part.
  • Animals – Create a jungle of various animals for a quick and simple family Halloween look. Think animal print jumpsuits, decorative headbands or masks with ear or nose attachments. If you’re going for a simpler execution, plan on your family dressing up as a family of animals. Just imagine how cute it would be to dress as a gang of penguins, wild cats or cute and cuddly bears.
  • Storybook characters – Popular family friends costume ideas from children’s books include Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat, the monsters from Where the Wild Things Are, or even classics characters like those form the tale of Sleeping Beauty. Bringing your kids favorite storybook characters to life can make a memorable time for your kids and have them better appreciate reading.
  • Film or TV characters – if your family has a favorite show they like to gather around, consider designing a group costume idea around the cast of characters. For example if the kids are big fans of Sesame Street, you might assign each family member a character to dress as before you begin your Halloween festivities.
  • Pop Culture Icons / Historical Eras – Don’t be afraid to make Halloween a bit of a learning experience for you kids by building your costume ideas around historical events or eras that include famous figures from that time. Tools like costumes can make a memorable learning tool for kids and adults.

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