Halloween Activities: DIY Holiday Maze

Looking for a fun way to bring the spooky spirit of the Halloween season into you home? Start preparing your house for a fun activity that your family and your neighbors and friends can enjoy by hosting a festive seasonal maze in your front yard or garage! After all, interactive experiences like building this will help make this year’s celebration more memorable for you kids.

Halloween Maze
"The Backwoods" by Al Pavangkanan is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

While building your maze, take the age of your audience into account. You don’t want to include any features that might haunt your kids’ dreams and bring about any menacing nightmares. If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few tips to help you create the perfect Halloween maze with your very own customized tricks and treats.

  • Maze Walls – This is the basic structure of your maze. Traditionally, people use bales of hay to give their maze a festive fall feel. However, using suspended flat sheets can be just as effective and at times more frightening to navigate through. Dark sheets can create an eerie aura and sheets with a lighter tone can help you create spooky shadows.
  • Spooky Lightings – The first thing you will want to do in this department is to dim the lights and station strobes, or add dark tinted lights to mimic stormy skies. The darkness will give your maze an instant spine-chilling vibe that your friends and kids will find captivating.
  • Halloween Props – Situate statues or paper cutouts of certain symbols of the season in various corners of the maze. You can add scarecrows, cobwebs, artificial fog or smoke, jack-o-lanterns, etc. to set the mood. The shadows created by these features will add an extra creepy quality that is perfect for frightening fun.
  • Soundtrack – From classic Halloween tunes, like the Monster Mash or Thriller, to simple spooky sounds of ghouls and ominous howling, having a soundtrack can really help make your maze a more all-rounded experience for your guests.
  • End of the Maze Prize – Encourage the kids to work their way through your homemade maze by offering some sort of incentive for those brave souls who were able to complete the maze. You can adjust the prizes according to the difficulty of the maze or simply reward the participant with a Halloween candy bowl.

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