Guide to De-stressing for Busy Moms – Tips to Relax

Being a Mom is a fulltime job, but most parents would not have it any other way! There may be moments, though, when you wish that you could just be by yourself, doing all the things you like to do without having to worry about cleaning, cooking or taking care of the kids. So how do you recharge yourself in the midst of chaotic schedules, never-ending chores and a tantrum-a-minute toddler? We made a list of 4 easy tips to help you calm those frayed nerves and get your act together.

Top 4 Tips on Relaxing for At Home Moms

  1. Delegate tasks:

    Good managers do not try to do everything themselves, and neither should you. Hiring a couple of maids may not be an option, but the kids and their dad can certainly chip in and lend a hand or two. Encourage kids to help around with small chores at an early age, and you will see how much of a difference this can make later! While the kids may not like the idea about doing the chores initially, they will gradually get into the habit of taking responsibility for certain tasks, which can certainly help free up some of your time!

  2. Exercise:

    Go for a long walk every morning, jog down the block, or join a sports league for adults and make some new friends while you get an excellent workout. The possibilities are endless! You could also sign up for yoga class and make relaxation an intrinsic part of your day. Regular exercise keeps you fit, minimizes health risks, and helps you juggle all the curve balls life throws at you.

  3. Smile, laugh, chuckle:

    The health benefits of laughter have been pretty well documented and we all know how contagious humor can be. Laughter boosts your immune system and is one of the most powerful remedies for stress. Find a reason to smile and laugh every day.

  4. Indulge:

    An afternoon at the spa gives you that precious ‘me-time,’ when you can switch-off, de-stress, relax and come away feeling and looking beautiful. The use of a trained massage therapist can improve your blood circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system and release the ‘feel-good’ hormone Serotonin, that makes you feel on top of the world.

And finally, take time out to relax. Easier said than done, right? Not if you carve out a little time during the day for deep breathing exercises, a cup of refreshing herbal tea or a (moderately) long soak in the bath with your favorite magazine. Anything that floats your boat, as long it helps you stay calm and relaxed!

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