Goodie Bags for Your Kid's Valentine’s Day School Party 

You can never go over the top with Valentine’s Day celebrations and traditions. It is one of those rare days when romantic gestures are given extra value and importance. Whether you do something simple and sweet or choose to make the occasion in a grand way, this day is celebrated as widely in the streets as it is in schools, homes, and offices across the U.S.

For this year’s Valentine’s Day party in your child’s school, you can use some of these fun but practical Valentine’s Day goodie bag ideas!

How do you make Valentine’s Day goodie bags?

Add your personal touch to the otherwise regular favor bags to make them extra special! Cut up rectangles from leftover drop cloth and lots of hearts from red fabric scraps. Sew in hearts on a piece of cloth with zig zag stitches. Fold the piece of cloth to make little pouches and glue them if you are tired of stitching! There you go - your adorable Valentine’s Day goodie bag is ready!

What to put in the Valentine’s Day goodie bags?

Play dough – Pick up two boxes of play dough, depending on the size of the class. You might even start thinking ahead. After all, Black Friday is a good time to pick up items for a Valentine’s Day goodie bag since you are sure to get some great discounts on all your purchases. Create fun circular labels, the size of the play dough lids, that say ‘Dough You Want to Be My Valentine?’ in bold colors. Stick them on the lids and you have sunny, bright little play dough tubs to be given away as Valentine’s Day treats! This is a great alternative to some of those more sugary surprises that will be in surplus during this season of the year. 

Felt hearts – 

Goodie Bags for Your Kid's Valentine’s Day School Party

Goodie Bags for Your Kid's Valentine’s Day School Party

"Felt heart assortment" by Kim Love is licensed under CC BY SA 2.0

Dump those regular heart stickers that you get at the stores for foam, fabric and felt hearts made by your kids at home. Cut out hearts from foam, fabric and felt and decorate them with sequin, tulle or an other available crafting supplies. You can also stitch up the edges of the hearts with contrast yarns in zig zag patterns. Hang the hearts from strings or glue them on sticks to make banners or charms out of them. The little ones will be more than happy to use these to decorate their study tables! 

Crayons – 

Goodie Bags for Your Kid's Valentine’s Day School Party

Goodie Bags for Your Kid's Valentine’s Day School Party

"heart crayons: finished!" by jessica wilson {jek in the box} is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Gather all the old crayons in the house or get new ones if you’re running out of them! Peel off their labels and break them into small pieces; the smaller the pieces the better. Sort them according to their color families. Get a heart shaped silicon baking mold and sprinkle 1 /4 th teaspoon of silver glitter on the bottom of the baking molds. Next, fill up 1/3rd of the molds with crayons. Place them in your oven that has been pre-heated to 300 degrees and bake the crayons for 15 minutes. Take out the melted crayons and keep them on a table to cool. Wait for about 20 minutes or until the crayons are solid again and then gently remove them from the mold and let them cool completely. Wrap each heart in colorful construction paper and tie them with attractive strings to put them into the Valentine’s Day goodie bag.

Candies and Sweets – 

Valentine's Day goodie bags
Butterfly template for V-Day - click to download

Twist boring ordinary candies and transform them into delectable looking little Valentine’s gifts. Download the Valentine’s printable, print on colored stock, and cut out the butterflies. Write your message on them with a contrast sketch pen. Fold the butterflies into halves and cut small slits through the center to slip it through a lollipop stick. Embellish the butterflies with hearts and stickers and stick wiggly eyes on the stick. Your Valentine’s special candy is ready to be put into the Valentine’s goodie bag

Cookies –

Bake small heart shaped chocolate chip fortune cookies and place a fun, make-your-day message into each of them before baking. You can use oven friendly chocolate molds to bake the cookies. Cut out circles from a cellophane paper that has heart prints on it. Serrate the edges and fold them up into small sacks. Place three to four cookies in each and tie them with colorful laces. Dunk, they go into your Valentine’s Day goodie bag!

Here’s to a love-filled Valentine’s Day and a great year ahead! Spread the love and the cheer with these cool Valentine’s Day goodie bags.

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