Giving to Those In Need – Teaching the Kids to Get Involved

Giving to Those In Need – Teaching the Kids to Get Involved

Self-sacrifice is an essential trait in the healthy social development of kids. Gift-giving festivals like Kwanzaa, Christmas and Hanukkah are great opportunities for kids to get involved in community services. Learning to give takes on a more realistic turn when kids actually start ‘giving’ clothes or money to others in the form of community service. It is important that as parents you encourage kids to participate in these gift-giving ceremonies that teach them about religion, beliefs and communal harmony. Good Samaritan parents who support underprivileged families will know the joy of seeing their kids give up from their own collection of stationery, clothes, books and accessories to those who are in dire need. The sense of self-esteem and belonging that come from giving help kids form a strong bond with society.

Get Kids Involved in Community Service

Community service projects – Teaching kids community service with small community service projects is a good idea. Choose a service project that is easy for kids to relate to. Make sure your child feels the impact that his/her little contribution has made to the society. Giving up a favorite toy or shoes that he has outgrown is a big contribution for a kid who has just started to get involved in community service.

Teach to giveThanksgiving  and Christmas set off the right note for giving away and making others happy. Scour through your child’s old clothes, shoes and accessories and come up with the right ones that can be given away. Make sure the donations are not damaged. If kids see parents giving away damaged and torn old clothes, most likely they’ll learn the same.

Teach Important Values to Kids with the Help of Community Service

Giving to Those In Need – Teaching the Kids to Get Involved

Kids learn very important social values from participating in community services. Encourage kids from an early age to look out for others’ needs by volunteering in the community, maybe through the church or the local community club. As parents, it can feel very rewarding to see kids growing up to give and serve the underprivileged. Gradually, make ‘volunteering’ a significant part of your child’s life. Every community is in need of good deeds – teach kids to give and feel for others, starting with the family. Charity begins at home – encourage them to share their clothes with younger siblings. Once your child reaches an appropriate age to understand the needs of the society, start checking local activities in your community where you can get involved as a family.

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