Game Day Family Traditions

Traditions are synonymous with game day in almost any sport. During college or professional level football games, traditions and superstitions help lift spirits and create a sense of solidarity among fans. Some teams like the Fighting Irish and the Auburn Tigers are famous for their traditions before, during and after the game. However, the players and their friends are not the only ones with game day traditions. For families across the country, there are certain things that simply have to be done on any big game day. Here are some of the most popular game day traditions for football fans across the country.

Family traditions for Super Bowl Sundays

Get together on Super Bowl Days!

"Super Bowl '05" by Jeff Wilcox is licensed under CC BY 2.0


A family that bonds over football rarely spends game day alone. Whether making a family trip to the stadium to watch the game live, or gathering in a common space to watch the game as a group, get-togethers or parties are a common tradition on game day. For many people, the large gathering of close friends and family that share a love for football is one of the most memorable parts of being a fan. Whether you’re planning a spread of delicious game day foods to share or are taking your guests’ predictions for who might win, enjoying the game as part of a larger group of fans is an exciting experience in itself.

Parties and tailgating

Food plays a very important role in creating the perfect game day experience. For high stakes games like the Super Bowl, the grills are brought out, even borrowed if necessary. Mouth-watering steaks, burgers and hot dogs are served up with a selection of side dishes and drinks to keep anxious fans happy and well fed. For families going to watch the game in the stadium, tailgating is often part of the agenda. A tailgate party is a great way to catch up with old friends before the game, meet others who share your enthusiasm and enjoy the lively pregame atmosphere.

Wearing the team colors

Cheer in Super Bowl Colors!

Wear the same colors to cheer for your team!

"Super Bowl Bound!" by Joe Parks is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Wearing your favorite team’s colors is another important game day tradition. Fans dress up in shirts, skirts, sweaters, tights, scarves and even sunglasses that scream their support for their favorite team. This is especially true if you’re watching the game with a large group of people, whether at the stadium, a public viewing area or small gathering at a friend’s house. For die-hard fans, wearing team jerseys, peel off tattoos or even body paint are part of big game day traditions.

With all the excitement and interest surrounding the game, it’s natural to want to bring out your own football. Some may be content with tossing the ball back and forth a couple of times, while other families may go so far as to make a trip to the park to play a full-fledged game with the gang before the actual game.

Super Bowl Traditions

When it comes to Super Bowl Sunday, family traditions take on a new meaning. The Super Bowl is the most-watched television program in the United States every year, and is characterized by large family get-togethers bonding over good food, good company, good spirits and most importantly a great game. Even those who don’t follow football enjoy watching and discussing the unique advertisements that air during the Super Bowl, and the entertainment programs during half time and during pregame and post game hours. While the adults enjoy the game, kids might even benefit from a few football-themed activities and video games to stay entertained during the long day.

Game day traditions are an important way of creating a feeling of togetherness and bonding with the family and your fellow football fans. At the end of the day, whether your team wins or not, these traditions will leave you with special memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.

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