Fundraising with Kids

This summer vacation, instead of bemoaning the lack of useful activities for your kids to engage in, you can get them involved in a fun and rewarding summer project: fundraising! Setting up a fundraising project with your kids is a great way to teach them the importance of community service and helping those in need. The experience will also teach them valuable life skills like setting goals, handling money and delivering good customer service.

Fundraising with Kids
"2012-283 Bake Sale Sign" by Denise Krebs is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Choosing a cause

When fundraising with kids, it is important to see that they are involved in every step of the process. Before you begin, reach a consensus on which organization you would like to support. Talk to the kids about causes they care about, and do a little research to find out what work is being done in the field. Once you have chosen the organization, read up on its policies and find out whether there are any rules you must follow while raising funds for them.

Coming up with a plan

The next step is to come up with a fundraising plan. There are hundreds of ways in which you can raise funds for a social cause. Think of activities that everyone can enjoy together. If there is something that your kids are particularly good at or have a talent for, see if it can be incorporated into your fundraising efforts. After all, if it’s good, it’s likely to sell. Also, set a goal for your fundraising efforts. Don’t forget to work out details like the venue, the time and date and roles and responsibilities for volunteers.

Spreading the word

Whether you’re selling a product or service or organizing a show, the success of your efforts depends on the number of patrons you have. Utilize every possible avenue to spread the word about your campaign. Use social networking sites, word of mouth and posters to get the news out in your neighborhood. Local newspapers and radio stations may agree to publicize your efforts for free, so don’t forget to try those avenues either. Remember to include details about the cause that you’re supporting in your advertisements.

Setting it up

Check out the venue a few days in advance to see how you can set up your event. Create a large and attractive signboard to attract passers-by. Decorate an old shoe box to collect and store money in. Get cash for change. Get a receipt book to keep track of the money you earn. Create small cards with details of the cause and organization you’re supporting to hand out to your customers. You can even include a small message like “Thank you for supporting our cause”.

Winding up

Once your event is over, try to clean up as much as possible. Count the money you have earned and tally it against your receipts. If the organization you are supporting has an office nearby, take everyone along to hand over the money. This will give them a great sense of satisfaction and achievement.

Fun Fundraising Ideas

Fun Fundraising Ideas
"TSLAC Raises Funds for Local Families in Need During Christmas 12.11.13" by Texas State Library and Archives Commission is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Here are some fun fundraising ideas you can consider for your cause:

  • Bake sale – Cook up some delicious cupcakes and brownies and sell them at your stall.
  • Lemonade stand – Simple enough for younger kids to enjoy, and sure to be a hit during summer.
  • Homemade jewellery – Make cute jewellery at home and sell them at your stall. The intricacy of the pieces can vary according to the age group of the participants.
  • Reusable grocery bags – This idea doubles up as a valuable contribution to the environment. Decorate reusable grocery bags and sell them to customers who would like to go green.
  • Pancake breakfast – Set up a few tables and chairs on your front lawn and serve warm pancakes to your customers. Keep a variety of toppings at hand for them to choose from.
  • Group babysitting – Give out pamphlets advertising babysitting services at a fixed time, place and date for a per-child fee. Parents can drop their kids off, enjoy a couple of kid-free hours and return to pick them up when it’s over. You can organize fun activities for the kids to enjoy.

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