Fun Labor Day Activities

Labor Day is celebrated in the United States on the first Monday of September to commemorate the general workforce, made up of people just like you. Considered a federal holiday, this day honors both the social and economic contributions of those across all types of industries.  Consequently, parents might want to prepare a few fun family friendly ways to fill the long Labor Day weekend. Here are some popular ways to assure that you and your family make the most of this end of summer holiday.

Fun Labor Day Activities
Make it your local park day!

Local Community Events – Depending on where you live, there might already be a number of great public events planned to mark the long Labor Day weekend. Turn to local community or recreation centers to see what is going on in your neck of the woods. With any luck,, you’ll be able to find a fun and easy excursions that will meet the interests of everyone in your family like parades, festivals, outdoor concerts, etc. 

Crafts and activities – Holidays are the perfect time to teach our kids about the historical significance of a certain day or time of year. By using worksheets like those at or the other great parent resources and teaching tools like crafts, you child can come to recognize and remember the true reason behind Labor Day and not just see it as just another vacation day.

Retail Sales and PromotionsLabor Day marks a major weekend in retail sales, as many companies and businesses around the country use the vacation day as the perfect way to encourage families to head to the malls to fill their time with some amazing discount deals and shopping.  If you’re preparing for the back to school season, a little Labor Day sale shopping can go a long way in saving parents some extra money.

Backyard BBQs or Block Parties – As the unofficial end of summer, Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to gather your family and close friends to celebrate the end of the season and, for many kids, the start of the school year. Plan a day for good food, fun games, and great company by planning a small barbeque or full-blown block party.

Beach or Park Days – For kids and adults alike a simple trip to a local park or beach can be just the type of activity to make a memorable holiday weekend. Pack up a picnic lunch to share and plan a day full of great games and entertainment. These outdoor locations also present the perfect opportunity for families to stay active by participating in various types of outdoor activities.


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