Fun Halloween Goodie Bags for Your Child's Classroom

With Halloween right around the corner, your kids will be trick or treating in no time! For kids, the sweet treats are definitely one of the major reasons to look forward to the holiday so enthusiastically. However, an aptly decorated Halloween bag to carry those very treats will help add that extra touch to help make the holiday season even more special for them and everyone involved!

Easy and Fun Halloween Treat Bags – How to Make Them at Home

"Happy" by kimubert is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

If you are sending some Halloween favors with your child to carry to his or her classroom, consider making a set of special Halloween treat goodie bags for them to share. Here, we offer two fun and simple ideas to make Halloween treats bags at home.

The Monster – This one is simple to make and yet, it remains one of the most popular ideas for Halloween treat goodie bags. It is so simple that the kids can easily make them with little to no adult intervention. You will need a brown paper bag with a handle, black construction paper, paper-cutting scissors, and a glue stick. Cut out an eye, nose, and mouth shapes for your monster from the black construction paper and glue them on both sides of the brown paper bag, adding any preferred embellishments. You can use any monster image you find online as your template.

The Black Bat – This one requires a little more effort, but the additional work is worth the final product. You will need a takeaway box, black construction paper, white construction paper, black paint, sketch pens in red and yellow, and a glue stick. Use a short takeaway box and color it black. Let it dry. To avoid this step, use a black takeaway box if you can find one. Download the bat wing template from the internet and trace the designs on the black construction paper. Cut out the wings and paste them on the takeaway box using the glue stick. Cut two circles from the white construction paper and color them yellow. Cut two smaller black circles. Now paste the yellow circles on the box where the bat’s eyes should be. Paste the black circles on top of the yellow circles.  Cut a crescent-shape and fangs from the white construction paper. Color the crescent red and paste them all where the bat’s mouth should be. Halloween treats bags don’t get spookier than this!

Fill your scary, handmade Halloween goodie bags with goodies like candies, chocolates, gummies, lollipops, cookies, fruit snacks, bubble gums, etc., to ensure your child has a great holiday!


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