Fun Easter Activity Ideas for the Family

When thinking about Easter, images of bunnies, baskets, candies, and dyed eggs in beautiful colors often come to mind. Add to it the beautiful spring weather and a weekend with friends and family and you have all the ingredients to put you in a celebratory mood. However, with the little (and a few of the not-so-little ones) running all around, it would certainly help to have a few fun activity ideas up your sleeves! Whether you are expecting family and friends to visit you during the holiday or are indulging in a trip yourself, arm yourself with some engaging and interesting Easter-themed activities to ensure everyone in your family has a memorable holiday.

Family Activities for Easter
Celebrate Easter with Your Family

Top 5 Easter Activities

Here is our list of the 5 best Easter activities for the family:

  • Easter Bunny Treasure Hunt:

    No discussion about Easter can be complete without a mention of an Easter bunny treasure hunt. This fun Easter tradition has been around for many years and has been enjoyed by many for generations. No matter how many times you might have played this game in the past, there is no taking away from its charm - it still remains a perennial favorite across all ages. To start with, hide lots of chocolate eggs around the house. Get someone to dress up like the Easter bunny and get him or her to hand a map or a riddle to the participants. Each participant will then need to follow the clues provided to find the hidden eggs. The one who returns with the most eggs wins!

  • Easter Eggs Dye:

    Your kids are going to love doing this! Watch the excitement on their faces as they dip hard-boiled white eggs in cups and take out bright-hued ones instead. In a cup, mix food dye (available in baking sections in grocery stores) with warm water and white vinegar. Using a spoon, dip an egg in the color solution and keep it totally submerged till it turns the shade you want it to. Tip – Remember to cover your work station with lots of old newspaper or washable table covering as food dye can stain surfaces easily.

  • Easter Fashion Show:

    A change in season is reason enough to indulge in new clothes. With everyone picking up new Easter clothes, this is the perfect holiday for a fun fashion show! Even if you are not buying new clothes, ransack the closet and mix and match. Think different and the results can just blow your mind. Let the older kids get creative with their attires as you ready yourself and help the little ones. Remember to accessorize. Make it feel authentic and clear some space to act as your makeshift runway. Now all you need are a few judges and you are all ready to roll!

  • Flying Feathers:

    This is a simple yet fun Easter game and is best enjoyed outdoors. Get outside (a garden or a neighborhood park would be just fine) and divide the participants into pairs. Hand one feather to each pair. The challenge is to keep the feather in the air for as long as possible. Participants will need to keep blowing to keep the feather off the ground. Use a timer for accurate results. With a chocolate egg hamper at stake, people are bound to get competitive at the sport!

  • Easter Storytelling:

    After a day filled with fun activities and merrymaking, a storytelling session in the evenings is the best way to wrap up the holiday. Introduce your kids to the stories and history behind Easter to help make this holiday more than just a fun weekend for the kids. You can also share your childhood Easter memories with your kids to make it a very engaging and nostalgic evening. Happy Easter!

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