Fun Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas day is a wonderful time to gather with friends and family to celebrate over gifts, food, and good company.  However, while many families eagerly anticipate beloved Christmas day traditions, Christmas Eve presents plenty of opportunities for family fun as well. While your family probably has its own special Christmas Eve traditions, you could start some new ones for the first time this year. Get some ideas by taking a look at what other families are doing to make Christmas Eve as festive as Christmas day itself.

One popular tradition is opening a gift just before going to sleep.  Everyone picks out a present from under the tree and takes turns unwrapping their gift and sharing it with the family.  This is a great way to get the kids excited for the following morning and create a time of bonding before shuffling everyone off to bed.

Another fun activity is making cookies for Santa. Get the whole family involved in the various steps of the baking process and when the cookies are finished, leave them out with a glass of milk. Let everyone grab a cookie and milk as well for some nice family time before sleeping.

If you are looking for a more relaxed event, try a Christmas movie night. Pick your family’s favorite Christmas movie, turn off the lights (except any Christmas lights to create a Christmas atmosphere), pop some popcorn or serve freshly baked cookies, and gather around the TV for a night full of Christmas spirit.

Round up the family and hop in the car for a late-night drive around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. Your family will be amazed by the spectacular lighting and the drive may even help your excited little ones fall fast asleep. Play some Christmas tunes and enjoy the show.

Christmas Eve can be the perfect time for your family to spend quality time together. Be creative in trying out new activities and have a blast as everyone awaits a fun-filled Christmas day. With all the fond memories your family will share of your Christmas Eve traditions, you will find that it is as cherished as Christmas itself.

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