Fun Christmas Card Ideas

There is no better feeling than receiving a thoughtful greeting card during the Christmas season. This year, send your loved ones a Christmas card with a creative spin.

  1. Singing and Talking Cards
    These cards can be found in most stores, such as Hallmark and CVS. Some cards might sing a Christmas tune, and others may have an option where you can record your own Christmas message. Upon opening the card, your loved ones will have a lot of fun listening to their favorite holiday songs or the funny and heart warming messages you recorded.
  2. Holiday Shaped Cards
    Who says that cards cannot be made into different shapes like Christmas trees, candy canes, and ornaments? These kinds of cards can be found in stores like Hallmark, CVS, Target and Macy’s. There are endless ways to personalize these creative cards. If your uncle loves dressing up as Santa Claus every Christmas for the kids, purchase a Santa Claus-shaped Christmas card and write a personal message in it. Santa needs his presents too!
  3. eCards
    If want to show your family and friends how tech-savvy you are , eCards are the way to go. These special greeting cards can only be accessed online, and can come in different forms and themes. You can animate and customize your very own eCards and make it fun for everyone who receives them. See to view an animated card of a penguin skating on ice. Cards like these are sure to be a hit across all age groups.

Sometimes, the best card is the one you make on your own. Set aside time to create crafty and personal cards that will really impress your family and friends. Using craft glue, felt, glitter, and the help of your creative kids, you can create card masterpieces.

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