Fun Christmas Activities with the Kids

For most of us, the excitement for Christmas  starts building even before Thanksgiving is well and truly over. With fairy lights strung everywhere, the bite in the air, decorated shop windows, cinnamon flavored lattes and cupcakes flying off the shelves and faint Christmas carols to be heard in the streets, it’s the Christmassy time of the year alright! 

"Christmas from the present's perspective" by Kevin Dooley is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Christmas is family time!

Christmas Activities Make the Wait Enjoyable

While us adults have a lot to do and prepare before the day arrives, the kids find themselves waiting endlessly for Father Christmas to make an appearance. This holiday season, you can help make the wait more enjoyable for the little ones by taking some time out and indulging in fun Christmas activities with the kids.

With such festivity, history, tradition, and culture surrounding Christmas, you wouldn’t face a dearth of ideas when thinking up some fun holiday activities for the kids . Here, we offer you 3 great Christmas activity options:

Wonderful Wonderland Tale – There is something magical about stories that revolve around Christmas. Get your kids to dive right into the spirit of Christmas by spinning one of their own! Who says you need to travel to the North Pole to experience the fun and magic of Christmas? You can do it right in your living room, snuggled on your couch. All you need are a pen and a notebook! To get the kids into the mood, read them a nice Christmas story – one with elements of mystic and mystery. If the kids are older, get them to read you a story before they start penning one of their own!

Christmas Card – Whether you are a holiday card kind of person or not, you cannot pass up the opportunity to ‘ooooh’ and ‘aaah’ over one that your beloved child makes for you from scratch, can you? There is something about handmade Christmas cards, especially ones made by the little ones! This Christmas, show some love to friends and family by getting your kids to make some beautiful cards for them and pass them on. Not only will your kids have a great, creatively-challenging activity to keep them company all through the days leading up to Christmas, the cards will undoubtedly bring a smile on the faces of the ones at the receiving end.

Decoration Help – When you wish you had someone to help you get the Christmas cookies ready on the table in a jiffy, you probably don’t think of your kids immediately. However, give them a chance and you will be surprised, quite pleasantly so! From the Christmas tree to your Christmas cake and cookies, delegate decoration duties to the little ones this year. With their fresh ideas pouring in, expect the unexpected.

So, go ahead and take time out of your holiday shopping and other preparations to sit together with the little ones and get them involved in some amazing Christmas activities. All they need is a little nudge from you in the right direction for their creativity to come gushing out. Fun times guaranteed. Have a merry run-up to Christmas, everyone!

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