Fun Car Games for Long Trips with the Family

The idea of a family road trip can seem rather exciting. Travelling together in the car, escaping the humdrum of your everyday routine, and spending time bonding as a family – what more can you ask for! But as thrilled as you may be, long trips in the car often threaten to get boring. And if you have young kids in tow, they are bound to get restless and irritable.

Best Car Ride Games for the Family

JumpStart brings you a list of our top fun car games that are sure to keep not just the kids but the adults as well entertained and energized!

  1. Memory Chain

    This one is sure to keep everyone awake and alert! Start with a sentence such as: “My favorite movies are…”. The first person lists a movie of his/her choice. The next person repeats the sentence, names the first movie, and then adds another movie to the list. For example, if the first person mentioned Madagascar, the second person will say, “My favorite movies are Madagascar, How to Train Your Dragon.”

    Each person continues in a similar fashion, repeating the movies already mentioned and adding another movie at the end of the list. Once everybody has finished a turn, you can continue with Round 2. As the list gets longer, the laughs will get louder!

  2. Guess Who

    Most of you have already probably played some version or the other of this game. One person starts off by thinking of the name of one famous personality. The rest of the family members get a pre-decided number of questions to help them guess the personality. But there is a small catch here: all questions need to be phrased so that they can be answered with either a Yes or a No only. You could keep your options open and include famous scientists, politicians and more. If you want it to be simpler, you could restrict yourselves by genre. For example, limit choices to movie stars only.

  3. Spot and Count

    Get ready for some heavy-duty competition with this fun car game! Put your heads together and decide on an object that you are bound to see many of along the way. For example, sign boards. Each member of the family has to be on the lookout and count the number of signboards they see. The person with the highest count wins!

    Arrange for a small incentive/prize for the winner to keep the interest alive.

  4. Geography String

    Test your geography knowledge with this fun car ride game! In this game, one person starts off by naming a state. The next person must name another state that starts with the letter the first state’s name ends with.

    For example, if the first person says California, the next person must name a state that begins with A – Alaska. Make sure that nobody repeats the name of a place. This game will continue till you run out of names.

  5. Everywhere Alphabet

    Take on the challenge of going head to head with others in the car. As your family drives, you will each start off at the top of the alphabet (‘A’) and try and find a visible word, somewhere outside the car that matches that first letter. Then, no body else can use the same word for their letter.

    For example, if you were on the letter ‘M’ and you saw a Mobil Gas Station, you would scream out ‘Mobil’ and nobody else could use that as their word for ‘M’. Then you move on to the next letter, in this case- ‘N’.

So go ahead and plan your next road trip. Your family is sure to have a great time with our fun car games. You will wish the journey would never end!

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