Fitness Tips during Pregnancy

While pregnant, it is important to stay healthy and tailor your regular fitness routine to fit the changes that your body is experiencing. Before taking on any high endurance training to maintain a lower weight, moms will want to consult their doctor or a fitness expert to understand what their body can take at any given time of their pregnancy. Generally, expectant mothers will need to modify their fitness regime with helpful tips like the ones listed below.

Pregnancy Specific Classes | Scale Back the Intensity Level | Regular Walks | Choose Low-impact Activities | Keep Hydrated and Eat Healthy

Look for Pregnancy Specific Classes

It is hard to go wrong with fitness classes that are already designed for pregnant women. Whether you prefer Pilates, yoga, light-weight training or even water aerobics, it is quite common for local gyms or fitness studios to offer modified classes for mothers in all stages of pregnancy.

Scale Back the Intensity Level

During pregnancy your body changes and is forced to carry more weight than usual. Because of this, you might get tired faster, so do not be afraid of scaling back on your usual intensity or endurance level. Listen to your body and do not push yourself to do things that you and your body will not be able to handle.

Go on Regular Walks

Simple cardiovascular activities like walking allow expectant mothers to get the exercise they need without adding extra pressure on their knees and ankles that running might create. Added pressure on joints can at times lead to injury or excessive discomfort.

Choose Low-impact Activities

Turn to swimming and other low-impact exercises to allow full body workouts without adding extra pressure on your body and joints. This allows pregnant mothers to increase strength and endurance while avoiding any added discomfort to their changing bodies.

Keep Hydrated and Eat Healthy

A balanced and healthy diet goes hand in hand with a regular fitness routine. It is especially important for expectant mothers to give their bodies what they need while exercising. Think of food as being the fuel to keep your body running during exercise.

To find the right exercise routine while pregnant, listen to your body and the direction of your doctors. While it is important to stay active, pregnant mothers must keep in mind that they will need to make adjustments to their regular fitness routines depending on what their changing bodies can handle.

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