Favorite Mommy-Daughter Activities

“The best thing you can give your children, next to good habits, are good memories.”

~ Sydney J. Harris

It’s remarkable how much today’s kid’s activities fit into one single day. There’s school, drama class, other extracurricular activities, assignments and projects, hanging out with friends, spending hours texting or talking over the phone, and so much more! It’s not surprising, then, that you might find yourself a little disconnected with your daughter and the events going on in her life. And if you are a working Mom, it becomes that much harder to spend some quality time bonding with her every once in a while.

Top 7 Mother-Daughter Activities

Here are some ideas on fun Mommy-daughter activities that will help you reconnect with your little princess and create fond and everlasting memories.

  1. Get Crafty:

    There’s nothing like getting messy together and churning out something creative in the process. There are a plethora of fun craft activities that you and your daughter can do together. Make something special for Dad, design a poster for your daughter’s room, or even create a wall hanging that both of you can proudly display in the living room. Check out JumpStart’s list of top 5 fun crafts to do with your kids.

  2. A Day at the Mall:

    This is a safe bet that’s bound to be a hit with your daughter! Plan all the activities that both of you can do together, all under one roof! You can watch a movie, dig into a delicious meal, get pampered with a pedicure and do some shopping together. You can even throw in a game of bowling in the evening! A day that is filled with various activities is sure to create some unforgettable memories. Don’t be surprised if your daughter asks for such days more often!

  3. Create Some Culinary Delights:

    Cook up a storm! If your little one enjoys baking, you could try your hand at making cupcakes with flavors your daughter loves best. You could also teach your daughter the art of barbecuing. Kitchen time is also the time to pass on some treasured family recipes – the special ingredient in the family Thanksgiving meal, Grandma’s chicken broth that magically makes anybody who is ill feel better, the secret behind Mom’s home-baked birthday cake, etc. Let your daughter in on these little secrets while you bond in the kitchen.

  4. Get Fit:

    How about spending some time together working out and having fun at the same time? See if you can find an instructor who can come over to your house or find a place in your neighborhood that you can go to for some fun exercise sessions together. Burning calories and getting fit has probably never been this much fun!

  5. Get Adventurous:

    How about exploring the great outdoors together? Bring out those sturdy shoes and go hiking or biking together. Plan for it in advance and save the date on your calendars. From planning what essentials you need to carry to deciding what kind of activities you want to do, this is a great opportunity to spend some time understanding what she likes and getting outside your comfort zone.

  6. Get Skilled:

    There must be so much that the both of you have in common. How about identifying what it is that the two of you have always wanted to learn? Coordinate and pick a new skill that both of you can learn together. It could be learning to play a musical instrument like the violin or the piano, learning a new language, or even picking up the art of knitting or crocheting. Putting your heads together as you challenge yourselves is a great way for Mommy and daughter to bond. It doesn't necessarily have to be something extreme. Just pick something that is challenging and far from your normal routine.

  7. Get Away:

    Pack your backpacks and take a short trip together. It could be just a day-long trip or a weekend getaway. Pick a place that both of you would enjoy exploring and set out with your compass, gear, etc. Trips like these that take you far away from the routine of everyday life are the trips that help you reconnect with your daughter.

Apart from these top 7, there are plenty of other options to choose from. There are many small things that you can include in your day to make time for each other. Activities like solving a tricky jigsaw puzzle together, doing a simple glamorous makeover at home, having a movie marathon weekend, or even planning a trip to the museum or zoo, can help you and your daughter make lasting memories.

Children are growing up so fast! Make sure you always keep some Mommy-daughter time to keep your bond alive and to stay the best of friends.

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