Father’s Day on a Budget

Love for a father is not something that can be measured in presents or how much money you spend come Father’s Day. That is why it is important to remind your kids that there are all kinds of ways for your family to celebrate dad even when they must stick to a budget. Sure you want to impress him with something big, but you’d be surprised to find that dad’s have a special knack for appreciating even the smallest of gestures and effort that you put into almost anything just the same.

Father's Day on a Budget
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It is important to remember that all dads are different, and what really matters most is the thought that you put into showing him how much you care and appreciate him. If you are not feeling too creative in tailoring your plans to fit some of dad’s tastes, here are a few popular options for celebrating Father’s day on a budget:

Download some Mobile Apps

Is the dad in your home all about staying ahead of the latest tech trends? Help him keep up on his mobile smartphone or tablet. If he already has one of these helpful tools at his disposal, then consider surprising him with a gift card to his supported app store or downloading a few apps directly onto his device. Whether he is a gamer or just needs some help staying organized, there are all kinds of apps available!

Plan a Movie Night

Dads are often so busy with work and family that they overlook simple pleasures like entertainment. Remind dad what it is like to head to the movies for a night of fun by looking for deals on theater tickets or family packages that can help cut costs on tickets and even dad’s favorite snacks. If you are really looking to save, consider planning a movie night from the comfort of your own home and providing a memorable spread for everyone can share!

Craft a Photo Book

Kids grow up quickly and family time can often be overlooked when dad’s schedule fills up with work and everything else he has to deal with on the day to day. Have the kids put together a personalized photo book filled with some of their favorite family memories. This will be a fun keepsake that he can keep around at work or at any time that you might be apart!

Share in his Favorite Activities

This day is all about dad, so why not plan for the family to share in one of his favorite activities? From camping and go kart racing to hiking and everything in between, do some research to find savings on some of his favorite things to do! Sites like Groupon or Living Social are filled with deals on activities that might peak dad’s interests like bowling, fishing trips, surf lessons and more!

Cook a Family Meal

Nothing quite says ‘Father’s Day’ like waking up to full breakfast with all the fixings or at least some of his favorite things! Gather the troops in the kitchen before dad wakes up and whip up a special meal that he’s sure to remember. Not only will he enjoy the efforts put into cooking up the meal but he’s sure to remember the time spent with family around the table. In days where schedules often make family meals difficult to come by, this bit of quality is of immeasurable cost.

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