Family Olympics Fun

Warmer weather always invites outdoor activity and family fun. With the spring season fully underway, what types of activities have you thought about for your next family outing? One interesting and exciting event you and your family could host is a Family Olympics. You might host your own Family Olympics for your next trip, or even for your next family reunion. Here are some basic tips and ideas on how to create this interactive and family-friendly event:

Family Olympic Fun
Family Olympics Fun

  • Choose a Time and Place:

    Planning for your Family Olympic Games must start with the basics — setting a time, date, and location for your event. If you plan on involving other families, or if you want to make your own family event with extended family members, make sure to find a time and place everyone finds convenient. The location of your event should be spacious and accommodating enough to facilitate all of your games and exciting fun.

  • Choose Events:

    One of the most important aspects of your Family Olympics will be the events you hold. Just like the regular Olympic Games host events such as gymnastics, figure skating, diving, and others, choose events for your Family Olympics that are sure to get the family-friendly — but competitive — juices flowing. Maybe you can do water balloon toss contests, eating contests, or even events such as relay races.

  • Choose Teams:

    Get all of the participants in your Family Olympics excited about the event by giving them fun team names. This could help everyone gain a sense of ownership of their teams and the event itself, and this could also help build camaraderie amongst your family members or neighbors.

  • Make Memorabilia for the Event:

    T-shirts, sweat bands, and other items specific to this event could help your Family Olympics an activity to remember for years to come. Make sure to take pictures, design items for the event, and share in the fun memories. Perhaps this could even encourage others to create an event like this.

  • There are many ways to have fun with your family, but a Family Olympics could get variety of people involved in some fun, entertaining and exciting activity. Start planning your own mini-Olympic games today, and have fun.

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