Family Movie Night: 5 Amazing Snack Recipes

Movie night can be a fun family activity to plan when trying to get everyone together for a little rest and relaxation. Before taking part in this popular tradition, whip up a spread of delicious snacks for everyone to share and enjoy. For a little extra inspiration, take the following tips and tricks for how to pull together some of our 5 favorite movie night recipes. You might even consider including your kids in the cooking process to extend this great family activity.

  • Bite-sized Bread Knots: Freshly baked bread knots or bits of ‘monkey bread’ can be a hearty and delicious snack. When preparing these bite-sized wonders, don’t be afraid to mix and match flavors or take the opportunity to create some unique recipes that kids are sure to love. Popular seasonings and recipe flavors include cheese, garlic, or cinnamon-sugar. For family movie night you might even create takes on classic bread toppings like peanut butter and jelly or pizza toppings.
  • Fruit Skewers or bowls: Pre-cut fruit skewers or bowls are a sweet and healthy choice when it comes to snacking. Slice up everyone’s favorite fruits into fun-bite sized shapes to encourage kids to see fruit in a more accessible way at your next movie night gathering. With any picky eaters in your household, look to family friendly fruit combinations like caramel and apples or mixing berries with yogurt. There’s no beating great snack recipes like these!
  • Candy Covered pretzels: Dress the simple flavor of a pretzel up by finding the perfect kid friendly recipes that might call for dipping these salty snacks into sweet concoctions like lightly flavored yogurts or melted chocolate. To make these snacks more decadently delicious for your family on movie night, increase the sweetness factor by finding recipes that call for sprinkling bits of candy over any already covered pretzel snacks.
  • Gourmet Popcorn: Keep popcorn classic with butter and salt or try turning this popular movie watching staple into a unique and delicious treat perfect for kids and adults. It is easy to create variations on the popcorn’s classic flavor by sprinkling it with sweet sugars or savory spices, according to taste. With recipes for garlic parmesan or classic caramel to chocolate or white cheddar, popcorn can really be dressed up in all kinds of different flavors. To create a more indulgent treat for family movie night, look for recipes that might include drizzled chocolate or other delicious sweets that kids might enjoy, like caramel.
  • Veggie Chips and Dips: Create a healthy alternative for the often calorie heavy snack by making crisp chips from sliced up vegetables. Start by thinly slicing veggies like sweet potatoes, carrots or even superfoods like kale and tossing them with light seasonings. Bake them until they are crisp and ready to be served. After all, chips are great for snacking and perfectly kid friendly for a family movie night. Consider accompanying your next batch of chips with a healthy bean based dip like hummus.

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