Family Bonding Ideas – Connect and Get closer

Business meetings, must-watch soaps, soccer practice, piano lessons, computer games, and homework. There are so many time-consuming activities that keep you from spending time with the family, and you are not alone in this predicament. Research shows that the average American family now spends more time ‘connecting’ on Facebook than around the dinner table. So how do you counter chaotic lifestyles that preclude any meaningful interaction with your loved ones? Here are some great family bonding activities that you can start implementing.

  • Go camping: Sounds clichéd, but sharing a tent is a good way to keep your family close, literally and figuratively. Do your bones complain at the thought of sleeping on the ground? No problem, rent a cabin or motor home and embrace the great outdoors. You’ll be surprised how much the technology consumed kids enjoy hiking, fishing, and exploring. And trust me, there will be no complaints about the lack of cell phone service once they’re hooked to the thrill of adventure.
  • Work Out Together: Training together for parent-child marathons may sound a little daunting, but it is a great way to cut the flab with plenty of family bonding on the side. For that matter, any form of regular (if less strenuous) physical activity should work wonders – take a bike or walk around the block, join a dance aerobics class, or organize early morning yoga sessions in the yard. Keeping it fun and active promotes great family bonding time.
  • Organize game nights: With all the fun new games out there, game night no longer means playing some classic board game. Just go ahead and challenge them to a rousing game of Monopoly (or Life, if your kids are too young). There are some great interactive board games, like Scene It. If you all think you are the ‘all-knowing’ of a family favorite movie, take on the challenge and go head to head with your family members. Another intense game is Catch Phrase; break it down into teams and race against time to guess a word, as time grows short voices grow loud. Game nights bring out the competitive streak in everyone, so make sure there are plenty of sugary treats going around. Make game nights a weekly feature and you’ll be surprised how much your kids actually look forward to this family bonding activity.
  • Rent a movie: Admittedly, this works better with younger kids, as your teens might prefer other social engagements with friends. But if you can manage to get the family together for a movie night at home, try renting something that your kids will love – How To Train Your Dragon or Harry Potter, for instance.
  • Family Bowling: Going to a local bowling alley is always a fun time. Your family can all hang out together while playing a fun active game. Bowling also promotes a little healthy competition amongst the family. Grab some appetizers while your at it, and make it a fun family night outing.

Your family bonding activities will be a tad challenging, especially when you have to keep on top of hectic schedules and match the lure of the internet. But a reasonable amount of persistence and a dash of creativity will definitely do the trick!

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