Fall Fashion 2013: Colors, Fabrics, and Trends for the Season

Every mom needs to update her wardrobe from time to time, and what better time for it than at a change in season? As the leaves on the trees ready themselves to turn to warmers tones, it is time to invoke that same change in your closet too and warm up your look for the cooler months ahead.

Check out the Latest Fall Fashion Trends
Check out the Latest Fall Fashion Trends

Fall 2013 Trend Report

Be it for utility or fashion, there is no escaping the wardrobe overhaul that the approaching fall season demands. The days of lounging around in light shirts and shorts are numbered. Soon, wherever you look, you will be seeing warm layered styles. Keep an eye out and you’ll find that heavy fabrics and beautiful knit and outerwear is quite hard to miss.

From the right colors for the season to the right fabrics and trends, here is your comprehensive fall fashion trend report for 2013!


Fall Fashions and Trends

If you are confident of rocking any color you wear, there shouldn't be anything stopping you. But if you prefer to bring the runway to your closet, you need to keep in mind the colors that the fashion pundits predict will be the fall fashion trendsetters. Fall is usually about warm colors and 2013 is no exception. You can never go wrong with the greens, blues, yellow, and reds during these chilly months. Ditch the black overcoat and go for an emerald one instead. This deep shade of green is luxurious and versatile and is flattering on almost all types of skin. Pair your green coat with royal blue pants and you are sure to turn many heads.

Mossy green is another flattering shade of green. Though it isn't a typical fall color, a nice silk blouse in the color when paired with a camel outerwear (a coat and/or skirt) can make any mom look like the poster girl of elegance. Deep purple and russet orange are two other colors that will be heating up the fall fashion runways in the coming months. Pair them together, and throw in some gold accessories to complete the look. Other colors to watch out for are fuchsia, burgundy, and chocolate.


It goes without saying - the fabrics you choose for autumn should be able to keep you warm. That aside, the fall fabrics should also be stretchable to accommodate the layers that you are likely to wear. The less porous (or breathable) the fabric, the better it is for the cooler months. Wool blends, silk, stretchable twill, leather, fabrics with spandex, and fur are ideal for the season.

Trends 2013/2014:

    Invest in statement-making outerwear like coats or jackets.
  • Say yes to classic prints like hounds tooth.
  • Welcome leather with open arms. From leather trims to leather and wool jackets/tops to colored leather, it is the fabric to lookout for.
  • Embrace military colors and silhouettes.
  • From Givenchy to Versace, everyone is raving about tartan prints. You should, too.

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