Fall Crafts for the Family

The fall season is filled with a few fun and festive holiday celebrations that are perfect for bringing the family together. However, as parents, you might be looking for activities that not only gets the kids in the spirit of things, but also for crafts that can keep them engaged and busy. This is the perfect opportunity for your kids to help you with your fall holiday décor at home that everyone in the family can enjoy.

Fall Crafts for Family
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Fall Crafts for Family

Handmade Decorative Wreaths

Create a celebratory atmosphere in your home by installing a seasonal wreath at the start of a new season. Gather a few arts and crafts supplies, including decorative paper, yarn, beads, and other embellishments for your kids, to get them involved with the designing and building process. For inspiration, check out fall motifs, like the falling leaves and gourds, or seasonal colors, such as deep orange, yellow, and red tones. Wreathes can be made in all kinds of styles, which allows your kids the opportunity to express their ideas freely.

Leaf Imprint Wall Art

Encourage your kids to search and gather a variety of fall leaves from your own backyard or a local park to create personalized art prints to hang around the house. Depending on the size you want your print to be, lay out a corresponding sized blank piece of paper as your canvas. Have your kid dab fall colored ink or crafting paint onto the leaves. From there, they will be able to make imprints of the leaves onto the paper, arrange the imprints to create fun designs.

Holiday Countdown Calendars

In the United States, fall décor is often heavily influenced by the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays. Create a unique calendar where it can help your kid keep track of the days left until the upcoming events. This will definitely get your kid very excited about upcoming celebrations or traditions, like formal family dinners or trick or treating. To add a cherry on top of this already heartwarming experience, try making a game out of the preparation process by creating fun seasonal trivia questions for each day and encourage your family members to answer the questions for a small prize!

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