Exploring History with Kids - The Fourth of July

What is not to love about the upbeat festivities of a country celebrating Independence Day? In the case of the USA, this nationwide celebration is held on July 4th each year with grand parades, fireworks shows, and more. The food, the fireworks, and the patriotic fun all make for a great time focused on family, and in some cases, activities made especially for kids. But set all the fun and festivity aside, and how much do your kids actually know about the significance of the Fourth of July?

After all, we are celebrating to mark a very important day in our country’s history each year. A day that is more than just fireworks, block parties, and backyard BBQs. Make it a priority to teach your kids about the true origins of this historic day, and why we celebrate it with such pop and circumstance each year. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a little background to share with the kids on the evolution of this important day in history - Independence Day!

History of the Fourth of July
History of the Fourth of July

How did it all begin?

July 4th, 1776 marks the actual date that leaders from the American colonies united to take a stand and declare independence from the rule of Great Britain. The thirteen American colonies had been fighting for liberation from British rule, and on July 2nd, delegates from each settlement officially voted in favor of freedom. These appointed delegates made up a group called the Continental Congress which governed over the colonies prior to the start of the American Revolution.

On July 4th, the famous Declaration of Independence (authored mainly by Thomas Jefferson, one of our Founding Fathers) was adopted. This landmark day in American history has been celebrated ever since, and formally became a federal holiday in 1941. It is symbolically represented by the American flag, and national songs like the Star Spangled Banner are often sung to commemorate the holiday.

Since the late 1700s, Independence Day has served to create a feeling of loyalty and unity amongst Americans, and inspires Americans to be proud of their country and their liberty.

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