‘Edutainment’ — Make Learning Fun for Kids

Children learn and grow at their own pace, but the various learning methods that exist today have been rapidly changing. Traditionally, learning has been accomplished through books and writing, but the modern age of technology has given rise to a new field known as “edutainment.” This concept combines the educational concepts that parents love and the entertaining mediums that kids enjoy. From games to television shows, learning has taken a new direction that can make children’s education fun, interactive, and exciting.

What are a couple of hot, trending fields in edutainment?

Smart phone applications have given kids the opportunity to engage in educational activities and games, whether they are playing at home or on the go. Not only are there hundreds of these educational mobile apps, but some of these very games cater to the needs of parents and their children, having been designed for varying age ranges, learning levels, and interests.

Additionally, television programs are typically written off as unbeneficial to the cognitive growth of children. However, educational television programs such as Sesame Street, Between the Lions, Cyberchase, and Super Why have integrated educational messages and lessons into fun plot lines with interesting characters. These programs not only keep children entertained but they also help stimulate a child’s creativity and thinking process.

The gaming industry is multi-faceted, but the educational realm of the video game world has taken flight in recent years. Educational video games have mastered the concept of seamlessly integrating traditional educational concepts with the exciting visual and interactive world of video games. An example of this type of seamless integration is the online virtual world at JumpStart.com. This online community not only engages the child in a dynamic environment filled with different challenges and sites to see, but it also encourages children to participate in their learning by playing various educational games. One motivating factor for children to continue playing the comprehensive educational games in JumpStart.com is that they are rewarded with coins and the ability to purchase various items.

How do you motivate your kids to learn? Though you might not be able to monetarily compensate your kids every time they want to go through their spelling lessons, there are many things you can do to encourage your kids to get involved with their learning. Perhaps you can play games along with your kids and show them that what they are learning is interesting, or maybe you can create a small competition in the household to see who can learn more about a specific concept or lesson. You could also incorporate educational lessons in your child’s favorite playground games, which could get them even more excited to learn the valuable information they need.

The face of education has developed greatly in order to accommodate the modern technological age, and it is important that parents become familiar with the various edutainment and motivational resources and strategies that are available. Traditional educational concepts will not change significantly in the coming years, but the manner in which children learn them can. Experiment with the various types of educational methods and see how your child responds.

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