Easy Quick & Cute Hairstyles for On-the-Go Moms

Browsing through magazines, watching tutorials online, selecting intricate but cute hairstyles, waking up an hour early to style your hair, doing your make-up to suit the style, adding hair accessories… all these things become a thing of the past once motherhood comes knocking. For most moms, a messy pony is their go-to hairstyle, while lipstick and mascara are luxuries reserved for only the most special of occasions.

Easy Hairstyles for Moms - Sleek Pony
Easy Hairstyles for Moms - Sleek Pony

Easy Salon-like Hairdos in No Time

If time is the only thing that is stopping you from wearing your hair in a cute hairstyle, we have good news. Here, we offer a few quick and cute hairstyles for moms who do not have much time to sit down for elaborate ones. Plus, there is no need to rush to the department store for a long list of styling products and tools – these ideas require minimal effort. And the best part? These 10 minute beauties look as good as the long, lush, and elaborate ones.

For Long Hair:

Waves – Most women around the world would love to have a head full of straight hair, but if you have naturally long and straight hair, chances are you’re bored of it. Don’t you wish you could wake up to beautiful, beach-y waves without having to do anything? Well, you can! Before going to bed, dampen you hair, make small sections, then braid and secure them with elastic hair ties. Alternatively, take small sections of your damp hair and twist them. Secure them with bobby pins and go catch up on your beauty sleep. When you wake up the next morning, remove the hair ties/pins and shake out your curls. Drool worthy waves and a quick, easy hairstyle guaranteed. Tip – Make sure your braids are not too tight or else you will end up with hair like Sarah Jessica Parker during her 80s perm phase.

Easy Hairstyles for Moms - Waves and Soft Curls
Easy Hairstyles for Moms - Waves and Soft Curls

Braided Bun – This quick and easy hairstyle works best with long wavy hair. Brush your hair and make a medium-high pony tail. Secure it with an elastic hair tie. Now, make a simple braid. Once that is done, twist this braid where you secured it with the hair tie and wrap the braid around itself to look like a bun. Make sure to add bobby pins so that this hairdo holds. If you don’t like some of the ends sticking out, you can flatten them with some hairspray; however, many prefer this hairstyle slightly messy! The braided bun is a wonderful looking hairstyle that takes just 5 to 7 minutes!

Easy Hairstyles for Moms - Braided Buns
Easy Hairstyles for Moms - Braided Buns

For Medium Hair:

The Braidsmaid – This is a super feminine hairstyle that can be done in less than 10 minutes. This looks best with shoulder or just below the shoulder length hair that is in need of a wash. Brush your hair and do your usual parting (both side and middle partings are fine). Grab a section (about 2 to 3 fingers wide) on each side of the parting and separate them from the rest of the hair. Tie the rest of the hair in a pony. Now, lightly braid the sections. Don’t start with all the hair in that section; keeping adding a little hair to the braid as you progress. As you reach the end, take the braids behind and tie them with an elastic hair tie that matches the color of your hair. Discreetly add bobby pins under your braids. Also add a little pomade to the ends of the braid so they hold. Now open the pony tail and voila, Greek goddess hair in about 7 minutes!

Knotty Girl – Being super sophisticated, this is a great look for the evenings. And this quick and easy hairstyle is done in five minutes flat! Start with brushing your hair and making a middle part. Make the part all the way till your nape, just how you would do it if you were making pigtails. Take one section and secure it with a tiny elastic hair tie, just 1 inch above the ends. Repeat it on the other side. Now, take the sections and twist them towards the center. Once both sections have been twisted, wrap them around each other. Your hair should now look like a rope. Take your rope, roll it towards your head and tuck the end under. To secure, use many large bobby pins. A ladylike and cute hairstyle that looks like it has been achieved in a high-end salon!

For Short Hair:

Power Puff Girl – If you have a short bob and want to make it look spunky, this is just the hairstyle that you need! Do away with the rounded ends of your bob by running a flat iron on them. Now you should have straight, nape length hair. Using a rattail comb, tease your hair at the crown. Divide the crown hair into sections and tease one section at a time. As you finish one section, pin it using bobby pins. Spray a mega hold hair spray and lightly release the bobby pins. Look into the mirror and admire your new quick and easy hairstyle. You should have a sleek, puffed-up pompadour, à la Pink!

If you prefer sleek styles to spunky ones, curl the end of your short hair and do a few pin-up curls on top for old Hollywood glamour! You can also add satin ribbons, cute headbands, fascinators, and other hair accessories to instantly glam up your hair.

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