Easy Nail Art Tips for the Busy Mom

Mom’s day-to-day activities often focus on tending to her family, home, and career. However, this does not mean that she has to forget about pampering herself with simple and easy home treatments or routines. For example, you might be surprised by how a DIY manicure not only does wonders for your look but is also a great way to relax and express yourself in a unique way!

Easy Nail Art Tips
Easy Nail Art Tips

For moms on-the-go, here are a few quick tips and products for creating easy nail art that can help give you a stylish yet simple look.

  • Sally Hansen Salon Effects – Salon effects are easy to use, real nail polish strips that come in a variety of colors and patterns. From the traditional French tip manicure to lovely leopard print designs, the possibilities are seemingly endless. These helpful nail products break nail art down to a simple peel and press process that is hard to beat when it comes to efficiency and ease.
  • Seche Vite Top Coat – When it comes to at-home manicure treatments, simply brushing colored polish directly onto your nail won’t be enough to provide the durable, long-lasting coat necessary for your busy schedule. Seche Vite is one of the most trusted topcoat polishes around as it is endorsed by beauty experts and magazine editors. By simply applying a topcoat to your nails, you can increase the durability of your nail polish.
  • DIY patterns- At-home manicures don’t have to be a boring brush of color. Moms can turn to various types of tape, nail polish pens, and other quick additions to create unique patterns that express their style.  Nail polish pens allow users to draw patterns in real nail polish directly onto their nails, creating endless design possibilities.
  • Accent Nails – Looking for a small pop of color or pattern to compliment your classic color? You might consider applying an awesome accent nail to your next manicure set. Consider popular accent patterns like an alternate color, some glam glitter, polka dots, stars, or a classic floral design.
  • OPI Shatter Nail Lacquer – This unique polish can be layered onto your regular polish color to create a fun and unique shattered pattern. Easy to use, this popular nail art product is perfect for creating a fun accent nail or in use through a full manicure set.

No matter your style, these products are sure to make your next manicure stand out! Put these tips to good use and don’t let the hectic nature of your schedule stop you from looking and feeling your best.


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