Easy, Fun Birthday Party Ideas Kids Will Love

Birthday parties are all about celebrating and making your loved ones feel special. Every family has its own ideas about how to make kids feel special on their birthday, but we are going to let you in on a little secret – it doesn’t take deep pockets or back-breaking work to throw a truly memorable birthday party for your child. Here are a few tips to help you throw a birthday bash that your children and their friends will continue to talk about for months! And the best part? They are really easy!

Fun Birthday Party Themes for Kids

The theme of the birthday party is one of the first things that you need to decide on. While favorite characters, movies, and toys make for great party themes, they are certainly not the only ones to choose from! Kids love ‘doing’ more than ‘watching’, so why not pick an activity around which your party is planned?

  • Craft parties: Having a craft activity at the center of your party is a great idea because it will keep kids happily occupied for long, the craft supplies are usually inexpensive, and the party favors are taken care of! Moreover, you can easily plan your craft around larger themes like fairies, cowboys, and superheroes. Think painting t-shirts, creating masks, and making jewelry!
  • Baking parties: Baking parties are sure hits with guests of all ages! Two popular options when it comes to baking parties are cupcakes and pizzas. Have your cupcakes/mini-pizza crusts ready before the party begins, and allow your guests to add the toppings of their choice. Circular work areas with easily accessible toppings for each group will help. More variety in toppings will make the whole process more enjoyable. Going for the mini pizzas will mean you do not have to worry about the meal, and cupcakes can double up as party favors!
  • Dressing Up Party: No, this is not just for girls. Have a large collection of old but neat clothes, shoes, accessories, hats, and bags for kids to choose from. Adult sized items will work just as well. Kids get to create their own outfits and then walk the ramp, posing for photographs along the way. Videotape the whole thing and let the kids enjoy watching themselves on screen at the end of the party! How about handing out copies of the video on CDs as party favors?

You can also plan your party around shapes or colors. You’ll be surprised at the number of fun ideas you can come up with once you start thinking about it. A circle party will have lots of circle-shaped food items, party games played in a circle, circular party favors, and plenty of polka dotted decorations. A blue party is equally simple – food coloring in your cake mix, a blue dress code for all your guests, water games with colored water, and plenty of blue decorations!

Party Food

Some parents find the idea of cooking for and feeding a large number of guests pretty stressful, not to mention expensive! Who said you need to plan your party around a meal? Time your party so that you can easily get away with serving just cake and snacks. Even better, make it clear in your party invitation that you’re having a ‘Cake and Cookies party’.  If you’re worried about lingering parents and siblings doubling the size of your party, inform your guests in advance that it is a ‘drop off party’.


Elaborate decorations can transform your party venue and impress lingering adults, but it’s unlikely to score big with young birthday kids and their friends. If you’re worried at the idea of buying or creating fancy party decorations year after year, then don’t! Fill your venue with nothing but balloons and you might find your child asking for a repeat the next year as well! Simple, gender-neutral banners and décor can be repeated over the years with different kids and themes.

Party Favors

In all likelihood, you are not the only one worrying about the party favors for your child’s upcoming birthday party. Many parents find the influx of small plastic toys from kids who attend multiple birthday parties quite frustrating. See if you can pick one gift to replace multiple small gifts. It doesn’t even have to be expensive; balloons taken from your decorations, food cooked at a baking party and craft items made at a craft party are all ingenious ideas for party favors that will have you smiling as wide as your little guests!

When planning a truly special birthday party for your kids, it’s easy to get daunted by all the details you have to take care of.  Just use these easy birthday party ideas and you’ll be surprised at how much fun you and your little guests can have without bending over backwards in preparation for it!

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