Easy Easter Brunch Ideas

Easter is the perfect time to get together with family and friends to celebrate the warmth and colors of spring. Planning a gathering may seem like chore, but entertaining friends and family doesn’t have to be an event to stress over. Especially when you have your bases covered in terms of easy menu items that can be prepared ahead of time. A laid-back Easter brunch will allow you to enjoy mingling with your guests with out having to slave away in the kitchen all morning and help you avoid last minute scrambling as your visitors arrive. Here are a few ideas that will assist you in hosting an easy and unforgettable Easter brunch with a few of the season’s favorites. 

Laid back buffet style - The easy going feeling of a buffet style brunch will help you enjoy the festivities along with your guests instead of being a bystander in the kitchen at your own party. Your visitors will be able to grab as much as they please and you will be able to relax and enjoy the brunch. 

Easy to prepare foods - Choose dishes that can be made ahead of time to avoid last minute mayhem trying to prepare your table. Here are a couple of ideas on foods that taste just as great at room temperature.

Easter brunch
Delectable Easter Brunch!
"Quiche" by Larry Hoffman is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Spring Salad and Dressing - Salads are easy to toss together, right before your guests arrive. If you want to enhance your spring time leafy greens and infuse the over all taste, creating a simple dressing like a vinaigrette can be made one day ahead with ingredients that can already be found in your kitchen.

Quiches - These simple and flavorful brunch classics all rely on equally simple elements that include a creamy custard made from egg, a buttery crust, and your favorite choice of cheese and vegetables. They can be made in all different sizes starting with a portable mini that is perfect for buffet pickings. The best part is that you can prepare this dish one day in advanced, refrigerate it and reheat it the day of your gathering.

Oven browned potatoes - Potatoes will add a little heartiness to your menu. Adding vegetables like assorted colors of bell peppers or tomatoes will surely add more color to your brunch table.

Don't forget about the sweets - Your brunch set up wouldn't be complete without a few sweets to pair with your savory brunch dishes. Homemade classics like Bundt cakes and cinnamon rolls are a friendly family favorite. The aroma of warm and sweet cinnamon rolls are enough to get your family out of bed Easter morning while a delectable Lemon Bundt cake can serve a less gooey brunch dessert.

Refreshing partners - Mimosas are a brunch time classic for your adult guests and will pair nicely with your buffet spread. For a more kid-friendly approach, assorted juices or even a simple sweet or flavored iced tea will help finish up a well rounded Easter brunch menu.

Be sure to check your pantry for ingredients you may already have and get started on planning your menu that will surely brighten your gathering table for an unforgettable Easter brunch.

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