School of Dragons Mobile App – Why It’s Great for Kids

It has been less than a year since School of Dragons first opened its doors to new students, and in that time it has already won a large number of dedicated fans. And, the talented team behind this game never stops looking for new ways to make the gaming experience even better for its players. Recently, School of Dragons announced its biggest feature to date– the release of a School of Dragons Mobile App ! If your kids have not yet downloaded this groundbreaking app, here’s why they should pick it up for their mobile devices now!

School of Dragons Mobile App – Why It’s Great for Kids
School of Dragons Mobile App – Why It’s Great for Kids
  • Kids play and interact with their favorite characters from ‘How to Train Your Dragon’

    The School of Dragons Mobile App is a massively multiplayer online role playing game that is based on the popular DreamWorks Animation movie,‘How to Train Your Dragon’. Set on the Isle of Berk, School of Dragons is about a special school created to teach young Vikings more about what it takes to train the dragons that share their island. By downloading the School of Dragons mobile app, your child will be able to learn science through interactive quests as they roam around Berk as a Viking, interact with Hiccup and his friends, bond with their dragon companions and even ride around Flight Club with Toothless!

  • Kids explore the fascinating world of life, earth and physical sciences

    The addictive virtual world in the School of Dragons mobile app offers more than just entertainment – kids who play the game learn fun science lessons in accordance with the ‘Next Generation Science Standards!’ Apart from learning science facts, students also make simple machines, conduct experiments and use the scientific method to understand more about the Isle of Berk as they go about completing missions in the game. The School of Dragons mobile game is one of the first educational games to structure lessons in accordance with the new science standards.

  • Kids raise and train their own dragons

    The animated movie ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ is just one of the many movies and books from the last decade that revolve around the bond between Vikings and dragons. Children who have grown up watching these movies and reading these books are fascinated by the majestic creatures and often dream of owning one of their own. The School of Dragons mobile game allows children to live out their fantasies in a virtual world where they are expected to raise and train their very own dragon friends. Your kids can choose their own dragon egg, feed and play with the hatchling and attend ‘flight training classes’ with their fiery friends, all on their mobile tablets. Once their dragon is old enough to ride, kids can explore the surrounding areas and participate in dragon races with their dragon friends.

  • Kids meet and form teams with other players from around the world

    School of Dragons is home to thousands of dragon trainers from around the world, and by signing up, your child can connect and interact with new in-world friends. Moreover, your child can choose to join an existing clan or even start one of his own to make his or her experience at the school even more enjoyable. Clan members use their clan message board to keep in touch with each other and keep teammates up to date on the happenings at Berk. These features allow your kids to use teamwork, strategy and cooperation to win awards and earn glory around the game. By competing in multiplayer games and clan tournaments, your child can make use of his or her talents to contribute to the team effort and earn exciting prizes for their fellow dragon trainers.

  • School of Dragons Mobile App – Why It’s Great for Kids
    School of Dragons Mobile App – Why It’s Great for Kids
  • Kids enjoy a seamless gaming experience across multiple platforms

    Perhaps the most exciting thing about the ‘School of Dragons app’ is that it isn’t a game of its own. Making use of innovative technology, this app allows people who play the game online to continue playing the game from a tablet with all its features and personal settings intact. It is one of the few apps to offer a massively multiplayer online role playing game experience, connecting gamers on multiple platforms. And if your child chooses to go back to the computer or to play from his or her Facebook account instead, they can do so without any interruptions or changes to the game.

With so many exciting features, it is no wonder that the School of Dragons mobile app is #1 of all games in 30 countries, and #1 of all role playing games in 52 countries! Download the app today and let your children join in on this epic adventure.

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