Parents’ Date Night Ideas for Summer

A great way for you and your significant other to keep the romance alive in a relationship after years of marriage is by returning to the basics to begin ‘dating’. With work schedules, kids and everything else on your plate, your everyday routine probably leaves much to be desired in terms of quality time spent with your wife or husband. Here are some of the best dating ideas for parents that can help keep the spark alive and act as gentle reminders of your love for one another.

Date night ideas for parents
Take some time away...

Recreate your First Date

Do you remember where and when you first met? Or, your first date night out? Or the seafood date where he found out you are allergic to shrimps? What about the day when one of you finally popped the question? Small and significant incidents like these make great memories. Why don’t you revisit all the significant places, if within reachable limits, on a warm summer day and relive the moments that have shaped your lives together? Plan a date night out with your spouse and celebrate the moments that brought you together!

Outdoor Movie Night or Concert

Big cities and even small town will often conduct open air movie and concert nights during summers. A quiet movie night under a starry summer sky with your loved one will give you some time to pay attention to things you hardly ever devote time to when you’re busy with the kids – companionship, conversations, and relaxation. Drop the kids at a neighbor’s or employ a babysitter by the hour so that the two of you can completely let your hair down without worrying about them. A night under the stars can be a romantic gesture that often does not have break the bank.

Take the Plunge

So, you want to relive those moments together when your palms would sweat and heart would pump rapidly? Head to your nearest skydiving destination or go bungee jumping! Be tied in a “lovers’ leap” and take the plunge of faith together! While the idea can be a little too adventurous for you, there’s nothing quite like trying something daring and new together to confirm your dedication to the relationship!

Set up a Dinner Date Outdoors

Why just limit yourself to the easily available options or your regular spots? Pack a romantic dinner and head to a park or location that’s miles away from home so that you can throw in some quality you-me-and-music time in the car! If you want to avoid driving, settle out in your backyard! Spread out comfy blankets, lay out your meal and turn on a fully charged laptop that has a good collection of movies in it. You can also use to time to bring your spouse up-to-date about everyday things that you might otherwise not have the time to discuss!

Restaurant Tours

Very often, spouses find it difficult to agree on a restaurant to head to. As a result, they end up staying in. If this sounds like your story too, restaurant hopping or tours can be a great solution! Walk into a restaurant for appetizers, move on to another for the entrées, and stop by at an ice-cream parlor or bakery for some delicious desserts. If you still don’t want to call it a night, drive in to a 24 hour coffee shop and enjoy some stimulating conversations over a hot cup of your preferred beverage - tea, coffee, espresso and more!

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head out on that long overdue date with your loved one to start making all kinds of new memories together.

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