Date Night Ideas for Mom and Dad

With all the time and effort that goes into raising kids, maintaining a career and managing the family household, it can be easy for parents to skip out on activities that they once enjoyed together. However, like with any relationship, it is important for moms and dads to make time for one another and continue to grow their relationship. Next time you feel like you are in a rut, schedule a date night, and give these ideas for mom and dad a try:

Dinner and Movie | Staycation | Catch Up with Friends | Evening Activity

Enjoy Dinner and a Movie:

This classic combo is hard to beat. Consider sharing dinner at a favorite restaurant or fancier fine dining establishment. On date night, your options are seemingly endless. You don’t need to choose a restaurant that is kid friendly, so feel free to go for that local spot that you have always wanted to try, but that didn’t have the most kid friendly menu. Additionally, most parents would probably list recent animated releases amongst their most recent movies watched. Save those choices for your next night out with the kids and go for the movie that you and your spouse really want to see. Other similar options that you might consider include outdoor or drive in movie nights.

Take a “Staycation”:

Staycations are a great way for parents to getaway without actually leaving town. You might need to find an overnight sitter, but this is a great way for mom and dad to get away from their everyday routine. Consider booking a weekend at a local hotel or nearby resort, where you and your significant other can relax and spend some extra time together. From ordering room service to making appointments for a couple’s massage, staycations should include activities that allow you to sit back and relax a little more. Take the time “away” to de-stress and get in some extra time with your loved one.

Catch Up with Old Friends:

While the kids are with a sitter and fast asleep, parents might consider joining old friends for a night out on the town. Consider planning a nice dinner party to get in some quality time with the people that you do not often get to see or find activities that you all used to find common interest in, like going to a comedy club, concert or movie. With all the time that goes into parenting and managing your household, you and your significant other deserve some free time for friends.

Enroll in an Evening Activity or Class:

As an adult with kids, it can be difficult to explore your own interests when balancing careers and parenting. Consider exploring new avenues with your spouse on date night by bonding over a shared interest. For example, you can look to local cooking classes or sports leagues for evening activities that both mom and dad would enjoy. The extended time together can only help strengthen your existing bond and love for one another.

The most important part of date night is that both mom and dad are enjoying themselves, so be sure to plan around an activity that suits both parties. Date night is the perfect the time to take a break and celebrate each other!

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