Cute Halloween Costumes Just for Toddlers

Putting together a Halloween costume for any kids can be a challenge in itself, but planning one for a toddler often proves to be a much heavier task. As with most things, toddlers have unique needs that parents like you might need to take into consideration before you make that final decision on what your little girl or boy will be dressing up as this Halloween.

Costumes for Toddlers
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If you’re not sure where to start narrowing down your search, use the list below to give you some ideas for the best toddler friendly costumes. Here are out top 5 cutest costume ideas for toddlers

  1. Animal costumes– lion, owl, puppy, cat, panda, penguin, etc.
  2. Food costumes – Hershey’s Kiss, cute cupcake, strawberry, etc.
  3. Friendly Bug costumes – ladybugs, bumblebee, butterflies, frogs, etc.
  4. Superhero costumes – generic caped crusaders, Wonder Woman, Batman, etc.
  5. Storybook characters – pirates, cowboys, princesses, etc.

After selecting your look and theme, there are a few basic tips tha you’ll want to keep in mind when finding a fun and festive Halloween costume for your toddler:

  • Look for soft materials – It’s common for toddlers to have sensitive skin that can be easily irritated by rough materials or awkwardly fitted costume attachments. Make sure that you look for softer materials that are less likely to scratch their skin or merit complaints after a long night of trick or treating.
  • Avoid unnecessary attachments – For toddlers and early walkers, having additional components to their costumes likes hats, masks, and the like can prove to be more of a challenge than one might think. Excessive accessories can easily distract a toddler while they’re out in their costume and ultimately be the root of unnecessary tumbles or accidents while trick or treating.
  • Find the right fit – While hand-me-downs might feel like an efficient and cost effective solution for finding the perfect costume for your toddler, sometimes it might not be the best idea. While taking toddlers and kids out for trick or treating, you need to be aware of all the walking that they’ll be doing. That being said, ill fitted costumes could prove to be more of a hazard, making it easy for kids to fall or hurt themselves.

No matter what top toddler costume idea you go for, the best thing you can do is to make sure that your child is conformable in what they are wearing and having a good time when it comes to celebrating this festively fun fall holiday known as Halloween!

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