Craft Ideas for Mom – Easy and Fun

Who said that crafts are only for kids? While we tend to spend more time thinking of and looking at crafts for the little ones, we forget about some creative, crafty indulgence for the moms. For all the moms out there, even if you can’t draw a straight line without the help of a ruler, here are some easy and useful crafts that you can do at home and proudly flaunt to all who drop by!

Easy Crafts for Moms

Starry Nights and Bird-Filled Skies – Ceiling Hangings

This craft for moms is something that you can use to add a dash of fun to your kid’s room. After all, somehow, everything that you do ties back to them, doesn’t it? This craft is easy to make and will add an element of wonder to the room.

Craft Ideas for Moms
"#009 | Crane" by Terry Presley is licensed under CC BY 2.0

What You Need:

  1. Monofilament/string
  2. Colored card stock (colors depending on what you want to make)
  3. A pair of scissors
  4. Markers
  5. Pin/punch


  1. You will need to decide what you want to create. This craft is so simple, you could change the theme every fortnight if you want! The easiest theme to start with is that of the night sky. You can make stars and planets that can hang from the ceiling of your kid’s room.
  2. You can look for templates and print them out if you like, or you could just sketch by hand. In this case, draw stars of different sizes and circles for planets.
  3. Cut out the shapes on your card stock. White works best for stars, and different colors for each planet. For example, Earth can be blue and green, Mars red, Jupiter orange, etc. You can also get creative and add some glitter on your stars so they look like they are twinkling!
  4. Use a pin and make a hole at the top of each cutout.
  5. Thread your monofilament/string through the hole and secure it with a knot. Vary the length of the monofilament so your stars and planets fall at different lengths.
  6. Hang your pretty stars and planets from the ceiling before your kids hit the bed. They’re sure to love the indoor night sky!

Mom Rocks - Handprint Tees

This craft for moms is messy, but it is so much fun that you will make many such t-shirts! You can also check out this tee craft for St. Patrick’s Day.

Craft Ideas for Moms "red handed" by Ginny is licensed under CC BY 2.0

What You Need:

  1. T-shirt (preferably white)
  2. Acrylic paints of different colors
  3. Paintbrush
  4. Paper
  5. Stencil (all the letters of the alphabet)


  1. Pick a word or words that you want to display on your tee. For example, you could want your tee to say ‘Mom Rocks’! Trace the letters of these words out on paper.
  2. Glue each letter on your t-shirt. Make sure that the paper is stuck well and no corners are folding.
  3. It’s time to get messy! You can also get your kids and other family members to join you. Pick a color and use it to paint one palm. Once that’s done, place your palm firmly on the t-shirt. Feel free to go over the papers you have stuck.
  4. Use as many colors as you can and fill your t-shirt with prints of all colors! Go ahead and add footprints and paw prints as well. Like we said, all family members can be a part of this activity!
  5. Fill any white space that is remaining with paint.
  6. Before all the prints dry out completely, peel off all the letters that you stuck. Your ‘Mom Rocks’ will be loud and clear!
  7. Voila! Your cool, funky printed tee that spells out how cool you are is ready.

There are many such crafts that will probably excite you. Don’t limit your options and be open to trying something new!

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