Cinco de Mayo Craft with Kids

Pinatas are a widely used symbol of traditional Mexican celebrations. For both kids and adults, the excitement and fun of trying to break open a large festively decorated container filled with sweets is hard to beat! However, there is one thing that we could think of that might be more exciting for your kids – creating their very own piñata and filling it with their favourite candies and sweet treats! This Cinco de Mayo, get into the fiesta spirit with our simple and fun Cinco de Mayo craft for kids – a balloon piñata!

Cinco de Mayo Craft with Kids
Cinco de Mayo Craft with Kids

What you will need:

  • Balloon

  • Flour mixture

  • Large plastic container

  • Newspaper

  • String

  • Knife

  • Paint/colored crepe paper


  • Blow up a large balloon to the size you want your piñata to be. This will serve as the mould for the papier-mâché container you will create next.

  • In a large plastic mixing bowl, make a paste by mixing 1 part flour with 2 parts water.

  • Tear up a newspaper into 1 inch strips, keeping them about 5 inches long.

  • Dip the strips in the paste and use your forefinger and thumb to squeeze off any excess paste.

  • Cover the balloon in a smooth layer of soaked newspaper strips and leave to dry. Ensure that the strips are slightly overlapping and that there are no gaps.

  • Once the strips are completely dry, add a second and third layer in the same manner. If you want a stronger piñata, you can add a few more layers.

  • Use a knife to cut a three sided opening into the papier-mâché ball. This will also pop the balloon, as desired. The dried glue mixture will hold the rounded shape of the paper container that you have created.

  • Fill the ball with candies and confetti.

  • Poke two holes into the opposite end of the ball and pass the string through it.

  • Tape the opening shut with duct tape.

  • Decorate the ball with paint or colored crepe paper.

  • Your balloon piñata is now ready! Hang from a tree, and get cracking!

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