Choose the Best Summer Camp for Kids

While thinking of summer camps, images of kids running around, playing, singing, and having fun  come to mind. After all, summer camps are all that and so much more! By providing ample practical learning opportunities for little ones in a fun and stimulating environment, summer camps have proved that they are more than just vacations during the summer holidays. No two summer camps will be identical. While some focus on games and other fun aspects of life, others attempt to teach valuable skills that will hold the learners in good stead, even when the camp itself has faded into a hazy memory. As children have varied needs and aspirations, choosing the camp that will fit their needs best is more important than sending them to the camp in the first place.

Choose the Best Summer Camp for Kids
Choose the Best Summer Camp for Kids

Choices and Selections

While having a lot of choices is indeed a good thing, it can also leave parents confused. It is important to make the right choice when selecting summer camps in order to make sure the experience is a positive one for the kids. You want them to come out of it enlightened, rather than with memories of unpleasant or untoward incidents. Keeping these pointers in mind will help you select the right summer camp for your kids:

Word of Mouth – There is no substitute for some background search. Irrespective of what the camp’s website claims or the testimonials it posts, doing your personal background search is important. After all, you are entrusting the care of your children to these people and you can never be too sure. If the website provides contact details of those writing testimonials, call or write to them. Alternatively, do some research and ask around. Start this procedure at least a month before the camp begins to avoid last minute running around. You can also consult teachers and parents to help with your selection or speak directly to officials from the American Camping Association for unbiased reviews.

Duration – Some camps last only a day; others require kids to stay over. For younger children who are not yet unable to look after themselves completely, day camps are the best bet. However, a longer one can prove to be more fun as the joys of spending a night at a campsite with other children of the same age are unrivaled. Keep the maturity levels of your kids in mind before picking a particular camp. Talking to them about their comfort level might also be a good idea.

Types of Camps – Sending your book-loving child to a boot-camp styled summer camp is hardly going to work. Speak to the organizers directly and get your hands on the detailed schedule before going ahead and enrolling your kids for a summer camp.

Location – If it is your kid’s first camping experience, avoid one that is too far from home. Proximity is reassuring, especially for your little ones. It is also reassuring for the parents to know that their children are not too far away and can be rushed to, in case of an emergency.

Refund Policy – Chances are you would have booked a slot in the camp of your child’s choice (having kept all the other pointers in mind) weeks or even months in advance. But there could be last minutes changes in plan. For example, your child might develop cold feet and refuse to go or she might even become sick. In case of such unforeseen yet unavoidable situations, you would want to cancel your booking and get your money back. In an ideal world, camps should be willing to refund you, but that may not always be the case! Check out the camp’s refund policy before you book it.

The most popular or the most expensive camps do not always guarantee the best experience. Do your homework to ensure the memories that your kids make at summer camps are beautiful and everlasting ones!

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