Best of the Best Kitchen Tools

Many of us know that it is always good to have a well-stocked kitchen and the greater varieties of cooking tools you have, the more you will be able to accomplish with cooking. However, it is easy to over stuff your kitchen cabinets with things you will barely use and overlook some of the essential classic tools that help us cook our everyday meals. To help you find a median, here are our top picks for the best of the best kitchen tool must-haves for your galley.

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"Sagaponak Kitchen 1" by Susan Serra, CKD is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Clear glass mixing bowls - No kitchen can be called complete without a set of mixing bowls. From marinating foods for the grill to stirring ingredients, you will find that a mixing bowl is an item you will frequently reach for. Glass bowls are nonreactive, meaning that they will not affect the taste, color or texture of your food chemically. They are also microwaveable and some can be used in the freezer or oven as well!

Beautiful and classic copper - Copper pans are a symbol of class and perfection. But their timeless style is also the most effective for cooking. The conductive properties of copper help to spread heat evenly on all sides of the cookware. With the perfect distribution of heat, your sauces will not burn and your homemade stews will be able to simmer for hours.

A handy egg slicer - Egg slicers are extremely versatile tools and can be used to cut more things than just a hardboiled egg for sandwiches. You can use an egg slicer to slice up strawberries for yogurt or even chop mushrooms for salads!

Mighty kitchen shears - From cutting raw chicken and herbs to tough plastic packaging, a pair of scissors designated specially for kitchen use is a tool that would be hard to live without. Be sure to invest in some good quality kitchen shears.

A simple strainer - Whether you are a five star chef who makes your own pasta or an amateur who survives on boxed meals, a strainer is absolutely essential for your kitchen. A great tool for separating not only pastas from hot water or various foods from liquids, it is also a great help when rinsing off fruits and vegetables.

High Speed Blender - You will love having one of these set and ready in your kitchen to make creamy smoothies and even soups! Create simple meals to-go with fruit smoothies or quick and easy soups with any vegetables you have on hand!

Having these tools around will definitely keep your kitchen well stocked for preparing a variety of foods and will also make cooking a meal a breeze. So when you are ready to re-evaluate what tools you really need, use our list of the best kitchen tools to have at arm’s reach.

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