Best Christmas House Decorating Ideas

Christmas is the season that beautifully blends loud and engaging reds with subtle creams and greens to exude a serene holiday charm. Set up your home this Christmas to welcome guests with the warmest greetings, using some of our wonderful indoor Christmas decorating ideas.

"Christmas decoration on the table" by Thomas Maurer is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Spruce up your home this Christmas

Tips for Decorating Your House during Christmas

The Front door – it is generally the first thing that catches a visitor’s attention. Do up your main entrance door with classic dense evergreen wreaths braided with broad gold and red ribbons. Tie some of those ribbons into medium-sized bows and position them all over the door, interspersing them with gold metallic ornament balls.

Mantels – set aside your regular mantel show-pieces and replace them with stockings in white and red patterns, solid red, lacy white and red prints that are sure to infuse an air of freshness to the plain day to day look of your mantel. The idea is to play with patterns, so feel free to pair them with out-of-the-box patterns to complement the regular stockings. Stuff the stockings with cute stocking stuffers or inexpensive fillers like cotton or brown papers to make them look robust when they hang them from the corners of the mantel shelf. For added details, place two vases in different shades of red on one side of the mantel shelf and fill them up with white orchids. Place a lush red paper wreath on the other side of the mantel shelf and lean it against the wall. Hang family photos, preferably in black and white and sepia, on the wall behind the mantel to personalize the space.

Christmas decoration ideas "Candlelight Christmas Tours, Shreveport" by Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau's Photostream" is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Staircase – the staircase railing can be done up in a number of ways.

  • Make bunches of red and white dried flowers and pearl balls with a bouquet of bottle green dry pines and secure them together with gold trimmed lace. Make several bunches of these and tie them on alternate balusters to avoid clutter.
  • Place a square coffee table near the staircase landing and spruce it up with a red and white patterned table cloth, small gift boxes, metallic balls, and the quintessential miniature Christmas tree. You can also choose to place a little play-sleigh with Santa and the reindeer next to the tree and sprinkle the cloth with shreds of cotton to infuse life to the setup.

Table setting – are you stuck in a rut using the same Christmas cutlery over the years? Choose gold rimmed dinner plates instead and complement them with side dishes and bowls in different shades of red. Liven up things with white napkins inserted into gold embellished rings next to the plates. Place a center piece that’s encrusted in gold and red to further accentuate your Christmas dinner table  and complement the scrumptious Christmas dinner . How about serving water in transparent red decanters to add to the flavor of the season!

Christmas tree – you must be wondering why the Christmas tree features at the bottom of the Christmas interior decorating ideas! It’s often that we do up the tree with the most of our resources and choose to ignore the other areas of the house. So, after you’re done with the front door, mantel, staircase and table settings, you are ready for the focal point of the holiday home décor, the Christmas tree!

  • Indulge in opulence by spraying parts of your Christmas tree with gold, silver and bronze tinted shimmer.
  • Hang chains of light in gold and white across the length of the tree to complement the metal spray.
  • Clear an empty area next to the Christmas tree to place your gifts on. Check out various Christmas gift ideas , pick the perfect present, and be innovative in how you wrap it!

Remember to stick to a single theme for your house and don’t mix too many different colors and patterns. If you’re going metallic, choose gold, silver and bronze; if you’re going bold, choose bright red; if you’re going sophisticated, choose shades of blue and white. How do you plan on defining your Christmas indoor decoration?

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