Best Board Games for Kids

Despite the phenomenal popularity of the Nintendo and Xbox, game consoles cannot dethrone the popularity of board games. There have been a variety of board games that have been created, such as simple board games designed to teach preschoolers basic skills, games that involve creativity and critical thinking, and board games that have inspired digital versions. Whatever the age or game preference of your child, you are bound to find a game that corresponds to your child’s needs. Here we have listed some popular board games that will keep kids occupied for hours.

  • Scrabble Junior: Scrabble is a universal game that appeals to players of all ages. But there is a catch – only those who can read can enjoy this game. Don’t let this one obstacle come between your preschoolers and a game of Scrabble. Introduce your kids aged four and above to Scrabble Junior and watch them learn how to spell and read. This is a simple game where players take turns to place tiles and form words. The only difference between Scrabble Junior and the original game is that the words on Scrabble Junior are already spelled out on the board. Making use of picture clues, players match tiles with the letters and create words. As kids become proficient over time, you can make use of the blank grid on the other side of the board and convert your Scrabble Junior into the real deal. This is a great game to help kids learn how to spell and read without it ever feeling like a drill!
  • Angry Birds Knock on Wood: While games like Scrabble have inspired digital versions, this game has taken the other route. Following the huge popularity of Angry Birds, Mattel has come up with a board game avatar of the much-loved digital game. In order to win, players have to collect enough points to build up a structure before the other players can knock it down! In total, there are 3 Angry Birds, 4 green pigs, a launcher, structure pieces, mission and points cards and more! This board game version is equally engaging and fun for kids and adults of all ages!
  • Monopoly: Nothing spells wholesome fun for the entire family as much as a game (or two) of Monopoly! Apart from the classic version, a new Here & Now edition has been launched to take the likeability of the game to another level. So, go ahead, buy away properties, sell them off and make money off of them, all within the comfort of your own house. Besides being fun, this game also teaches kids how to count and how to spend money wisely.
  • Candy Land: The fact that this game has been around for 50 years and is still a favorite among kids says a lot about it. King Kandy, with his troupe, has managed to engage and entertain kids for generations. By the looks of it, it’s not likely to go out of kids’ favorites lists anytime soon. After all, who can resist the charm of the colorful cards as well as the beautiful picture treats strewn all over Candy Land? This timeless game is tons of fun for kids aged 3 and above.

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